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Inclusion in Action

Inclusion in Action Coming Soon

Practical Strategies to Modify Your Curriculum
Author: Nicole Eredics

ISBN: 978-1-68125-224-7
Pages: 224
Copyright: 2018
Not Yet Published
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How can K–12 educators break down the barriers to full inclusion and teach all learners effectively? Curriculum modifications are the key—and Nicole Eredics is the expert!

A seasoned educator and creator of popular blog The Inclusive Class, Eredics introduces you to the what and how of inclusion in this motivating, reader-friendly guidebook. You'll start with a big-picture guide to creating an inclusive culture in your classroom and school, with invaluable guidance on key topics like team collaboration, universal design for learning, co-teaching, social-emotional supports, and accommodations. Then you'll get 40 specific, teacher-tested strategies to modify your curriculum for students who work below grade level. Ready to use in your classroom right away, each strategy comes with student goals, simple step-by-step directions and implementation tips, suggested interventions and extensions, and samples of authentic student work that illustrate the strategy in action.

Equally useful as a beginner's guide to inclusion and a goldmine of practical ideas for experienced teachers, this must-have book will help make your curriculum “possible and achievable” for every learner, with and without disabilities.

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: More than a dozen reproducible forms for use with specific modifications; lists of helpful inclusion-themed websites, blogs, books, and videos.

40 modifications that help students:
  • Learn new vocabulary words
  • Understand story structure
  • Sequence materials, concepts, and numbers
  • Develop recall ability
  • Demonstrate relationships among ideas
  • Organize information
  • Make a representation of a concept
  • Identify similarities and differences
  • Make decisions based on evidence
  • Learn to recognize and correct errors
  • and more!
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Review by: Sandra Assimotos McElwee, Author of Who’s the Slow Learner? A Chronicle of Inclusion and Exclusion
I often hear educators ask ‘how’ to do inclusion. This book is the ‘how’ they've been searching for. Every educator should have this book in their mailbox!
Review by: Lisa Dieker, University of Central Florida
This book provides a great foundation for educators or parents to understand the inclusion movement for students with more complex needs. Nicole provides a plethora of resources grounded in work samples for curriculum modifications to help bridge the gap for students with targeted academic needs.
About the Forms
About the Author
  • The Struggle to Include
  • What Needs to Change?
  • Bridging the Gap with This Book
I. Including All Students
  1. Preparing for Inclusion
    • Moving From Segregation to Inclusion
    • Core Beliefs of Inclusive Education
    • The Benefits of Inclusive Education
    • Conclusion
  1. Supporting Inclusion Schoolwide
    • The Role of School Leadership and Staff
    • School Culture
    • School Community
    • School Spaces
    • Conclusion
  1. Supporting Inclusion in the Classroom
    • The Inclusive Classroom Team: Building a Network of Support
    • Creating an Inclusive Classroom Culture
    • Conclusion
  1. Making Curriculum Accessible Through Instructional Strategies and Accommodations
    • Ways to Make Classroom Instruction Inclusive
    • Conclusion
  1. Making Curriculum Achievable Through Modifications
    • What Are Curriculum Modifications?
    • Why Modify?
    • How Are Curriculum Modifications Made?
    • Conclusion
II. Modifying Curriculum for Students Who Work Below Grade Level
  1. Research-Based Curriculum Modifications for Inclusion
    • Modifications: Different Ways to Make the Same Curriculum Achievable
    • Maintaining High Standards While Modifying Curriculum
    • Instructional Strategies That Modify Curriculum
    • How to Use the Strategies
    • Conclusion
  1. The Strategies
    • Who Benefits From Use of These Strategies?
    • How to Use This Chapter
    • Strategies for Knowledge Retrieval
    • Strategies for Comprehension
    • Strategies for Analysis
    • Strategies for Knowledge Utilization
Appendix A: Helpful Resources
Appendix B: Helpful Forms

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