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Margo Vreeburg Izzo, Ph.D.

Margo Vreeburg Izzo, Ph.D. Biography:

Margo Vreeburg Izzo, Ph.D., is Program Director for Transition Services at The Ohio State University Nisonger Center. She has extensive experience designing and directing projects that improve the transition from high school to college and careers with funding from the U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, and numerous state and local agencies. Dr. Vreeburg Izzo has developed educational curricula for students with disabilities; conducted numerous trainings, focus groups, and interviews with teachers and students; managed the development of web sites, videos, and other dissemination products; and published more than 35 peer-reviewed articles, books, or book chapters on disability and transition issues. She received the Mary E. Switzer Fellow from the National Institute of Disability Rehabilitation Research in 1996. As Past President of the Division of Career Development and Transition, she provides leadership to national, state, and regional committees to improve the quality of education and transition services. She also is a mother, wife, grant writer, and a person with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). She believes that people with hidden disabilities are more likely to succeed when they can exercise self-determination in choosing their path to college and careers. In the pages to come, learn more about Margo's life with ADHD and her personal and professional mission to help all people with hidden disabilities lead meaningful lives. For more information on how to contact Margo, visit

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  • Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-735-8


    Inspiring and informative, this encouraging guidebook will help you empower students with non-visible disabilities as they manage their challenges, accept and advocate for themselves, and reach their goals and dreams. Includes practical teaching tips ready to use in the classroom!

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