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Stephanie N. Del Tufo, B.A.

Stephanie N. Del Tufo, B.A. Biography:

Stephanie N. Del Tufo, B.A., Doctoral Candidate, Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, 406 Babbidge Road, Unit 1020, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut 06269.

Stephanie N. Del Tufo is a doctoral candidate at the University of Connecticut and Haskins Laboratories, advised by Drs. Kenneth Pugh and Emily Myers. In her previous work as a technical assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Del Tufo studied speech perception and reading in children and adults with and without dyslexia under Dr. John Gabrieli and Dr. Joanna Christodoulou. Del Tufo previously studied neuroscience and chemistry at Smith College. In her current work, she investigates the neurobiological basis of speech perception and reading that underlies developmental dyslexia.

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  • Advances in Reading Intervention

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-968-0


    The newest addition to the respected Extraordinary Brain series, this book brings together more than 35 researchers and practitioners to examine what we know—and what we need to know—about reading intervention.

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