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Maryellen Daston, Ph.D.

Maryellen Daston, Ph.D. Biography: Maryellen Daston has a background in biomedical research and technical writing. As a researcher, she specialized in developmental neuroscience. However, when she started working for Project SEARCH, her focus shifted from cells in a dish to the development of the whole person.

When she joined the Project SEARCH team, Maryellen expected to be the in-house grant writer. But her role has evolved beyond that, and she has since become the written voice of the Project SEARCH program. As such, she is responsible for editing and writing content for the Project SEARCH website, articles for professional journals, and other communications—including this book. She also identifies state and federal funding opportunities and prepares grant applications.

Maryellen lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, George, two charming sons, Char and Jack, and their very lovable dog, Winnie. In her spare time, Maryellen enjoys yoga and reading. She is looking forward to someday having the time to make jewelry and knit.

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  • High School Transition that Works

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-249-0


    Apply key principles and strategies from the highly successful Project SEARCH® model—and help young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities get, keep, and succeed at a fulfilling job of their choice.

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