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Chigee J. Cloninger, Ph.D.

Chigee J. Cloninger, Ph.D. Biography: Chigee J. Cloninger, Ph.D., has been a teacher of children and adults with and without disabilities for many years. Even in leadership or research positions, teaching, in the sense of bringing about change, has been a key component to Dr. Cloninger's work. She is Coordinator of the Vermont State I-Team, a statewide training and technical assistance team providing intensive special education supports to children and youth with disabilities, educational personnel, and families. She is also Director of the Vermont State Project for Children and Youth with Deafblindness and a teacher in the Intensive Special Education Master's Program. A national presenter on issues pertaining to students with intensive educational needs, Dr. Cloninger is interested in creative problem-solving approaches, communication, and learning processes for individualized education and leadership.

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  • Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children (COACH)

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-187-5


    Now with practical updates based on user feedback, a new streamlined format, and forms on CD-ROM, the third edition of this popular guide is the key to better education plans for students with intensive special education needs.

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