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Ronald Tamura, Ph.D., earned his doctoral degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is currently Associate Professor at Southern Connecticut State University in the Department of Special Education and Reading where he teaches graduate courses in the areas of developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, collaboration and consultation, and secondary transition. His research interests include personnel preparation, self-determination, transition, and positive behavior supports. He was elected and served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Council for Exceptional Children. He is a former secondary-level special educator and has worked for the Connecticut State Department of Education in the Bureau of Special Education as an Education Consultant. He has contributed as coauthor on journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings in the areas of transition, instructional strategies, and self-determination.

Ronald Tamura, Ph.D.'s Books

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  • Universal Design for Transition

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-910-0


    Timely and useful resource that guides educators in using UDL in their classrooms while helping students transition to adult life.

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  • Getting the Most Out of IEPs

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-944-5


    With the first how-to guidebook on student-directed IEPs, elementary and high school educators will empower students with a range of special needs to take a lead role in directing their education, advocating for support, and shaping a bright, self-determined future.

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  • Demystifying Transition Assessment

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-214-8


    This practical guide demystifies the what, when, why, and how of collecting transition assessment data-and using the results to help students with disabilities prepare for adulthood. Includes ready-to-use sample forms and a quick-reference guide to more than 90 transition assessments!

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