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Steve Holburn, Ph.D. Biography: Steve Holburn, Ph.D., has focused his career on research and treatment of people with developmental disabilities and challenging behavior. He is best known for his work in the areas of clinical interventions for self-injurious air swallowing, reducing residential overregulation, and the effects of person-centered planning on problem behavior. After receiving a master's degree in clinical psychology at Ball State University in 1973, Dr. Holburn worked in a large residential setting until receiving his doctoral degree in special education from the University of New Mexico in 1984. His residential research included the areas of employee job satisfaction, evaluating the impact of standards for intermediate care facilities for people with mental retardation, and applied behavior analysis of self-injury. In 1993, Dr. Holburn assumed his position at the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities, where he has continued his interests in residential issues and is conducting research and treatment in the areas of person-centered planning, assistive technology, health promotion, and parents with cognitive disabilities. He is an active member of the American Association on Mental Retardation and the Association for Behavior Analysis as well as a consulting editor for Mental Retardation.

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  • Person-Centered Planning Made Easy

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-853-0


    A complete step–by–step guide to the easiest, most practical person–centered planning method available, this is the book professionals need to help people with disabilities achieve lives that are fulfilling, independent, and consistent with their goals and dreams. Includes a helpful troubleshooting guide and evaluation exercises, plus worksheets on assessing quality of life, ensuring good teamwork, and overcoming barriers to person–centered planning.

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