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Anne Gordon is an educator and researcher at the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities. She began her career as Director of the Early Childhood Direction Center of Staten Island and then moved on to become Director of the Staten Island Early Intervention Service Coordination Office. In those capacities, she assisted parents of children with developmental disabilities to connect to, and advocate for, early intervention and preschool special education services. She has conducted personcentered planning evaluation research on implementing person-centered planning with parents who have developmental disabilities, and young adults with autism, transitioning from high school to the adult world. In addition, Ms. Gordon conducts personcentered planning workshops to local and international audiences, focusing on implementing the approach within their existing structures. Ms. Gordon is a co-author of the Health Advocacy Program: An Activity-Based Curriculum for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and is the facilitator of the Staten Island Down Syndrome Parent Support Group. She is also the parent of a young adult with Down syndrome.

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  • Person-Centered Planning Made Easy

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-853-0


    A complete step–by–step guide to the easiest, most practical person–centered planning method available, this is the book professionals need to help people with disabilities achieve lives that are fulfilling, independent, and consistent with their goals and dreams. Includes a helpful troubleshooting guide and evaluation exercises, plus worksheets on assessing quality of life, ensuring good teamwork, and overcoming barriers to person–centered planning.

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