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Arthur J. Reynolds, Ph.D.

Arthur J. Reynolds, Ph.D. Biography: Arthur J. Reynolds, Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 51 East River Parkway, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55455. Dr. Reynolds is Director of the Chicago Longitudinal Study, one of the largest and most extensive studies of the effects of early childhood intervention. He also studies the effects of early childhood intervention on children's development from school entry to early adulthood and the family and school's influences on children's educational success.

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  • The Head Start Debates

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-754-0


    The first book to capture the Head Start debates in all their complexity and diversity, this landmark volume mines Head Start's 38-year history for lessons learned, turns a critical eye on where the program is headed, and offers readers distinct and often contrasting viewpoints.

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