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Karren Ikeda Wood, Ed.D.

Karren Ikeda Wood, Ed.D. Biography:

Karren Ikeda Wood, Ed.D., O.T.R., is currently a private educational consultant. Her formal education was in special education and occupational therapy. Her initial work experience in occupational therapy gave her a solid grounding in pediatric assessment and child development. She has provided services to preschool children with disabilities in both public and private programs. She has also provided services in community-based settings. She assisted the Arizona Early Intervention Program in developing and providing standards of practice training for early intervention providers. Her most recent work experience includes supporting the efforts of community-based child care programs to create library areas focusing on literacy activities and mentoring emergent leaders in the field of early care and education.

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  • The ABCs of the ADA

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-933-9


    A practical guide for early childhood administrators which outlines strategies for achieving ADA compliance in their programs.

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