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Lisa Greenman, J.D., is an attorney in Washington, D.C., specializing in issues relating to developmental disability and mental illness that arise in the defense of death penalty cases. She is closely involved with two innovative educational programs that serve children with autism spectrum disorder, Take2 Summer Camp, which she cofounded, and The Ivymount School, where she is on the board of directors. She is also a member of the Advisory Council of the National Institute of Mental Health. Ms. Greenman is the parent of two children, one of whom has autism. She is overwhelmingly grateful for the wisdom and guidance of the coauthors of this book, from whom she and her family have learned so much.

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  • Solving Executive Function Challenges

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-603-0


    This problem-solving quick guide helps you explicitly teach key executive function skills to high-functioning children with autism (Grades K-8). Teach flexibility, goal setting, and organization—three skills critical to success inside and outside the classroom.

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