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Erik Von Hahn, M.D.

Erik Von Hahn, M.D. Biography:

Erik von Hahn, M.D .Dr .Erik von Hahn has worked with children with diverse disabilities for more than 20 years . He has extensive consultative relationships with schools , especially in Massachusetts , and earlier in his career in New Hampshire . He has developed a deep understanding of children with disabilities , as seen through the lens of the school professionals who serve them .

In addition to his consultative practice with schools , Dr . von Hahn maintains a clinical practice in a teaching hospital . He uses his experience working with schools to help families in the clinic communicate successfully with their child’s school team . As part of his academic duties, Dr . von Hahn has substantial teaching duties with Tufts University School of Medicine . He provides training and supervision of future Developmental-Behavioral Pediatricians , future general pediatricians , and future allied health care professionals in social work , speech pathology , and psychology . Finally , Dr . von Hahn provides regular continuing education services to both educators and local general pediatricians in their practice . Successful service to children with disabilities occurs when adults can work successfully with one another . All of Dr . von Hahn’s clinical and teaching encounters emphasize service to children with disabilities through collaboration among home , school , and clinic .

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  • Essential Skills for Struggling Learners

    ISBN: 978-1-68125-255-1


    This innovative planning guide is your key to identifying and prioritizing the essential skills that students with and without learning difficulties need to succeed.

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