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Andy Bondy, Ph.D.

Andy Bondy, Ph.D. Biography: Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc., 350 Churchman’s Road, Suite A, New Castle, DE 19720

Andy Bondy, Ph.D., has almost 50 years of experience working with children and adults with autism and related developmental disabilities. For more than a dozen years he served as the Director of a statewide public school program for students with autism. He co-developed the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and designed the Pyramid Approach to Education as a comprehensive combination of broad-spectrum behavior. He co-founded Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc., an internationally based team of specialists from many fields promoting the principles of applied behavior analysis within functional activities and an emphasis on developing functional communication skills. He was the recipient of the 2012 Society of the Advancement of Behavior Analysis (SABA) Award for International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis.

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