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Sandra Barrueco, Ph.D.

Sandra Barrueco, Ph.D. Biography:

Dr. Barrueco is Assistant Professor of Psychology and Fellow of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America. Dr. Barrueco specializes in the prevention and early intervention of developmental difficulties, particularly among language-minority, immigrant, and migrant children. Much of her grant-funded research has focused on early bilingual, socioemotional, and acculturative processes within the Latino community.

Throughout her training and career, Dr. Barrueco has been dedicated to learning and utilizing advanced statistics to advance scientific knowledge and practice with young immigrant children and families. This approach is rooted in a community-based participatory research framework involving strong collaborations with families and the local and national programs that serve them. This is reflected in her involvement in local and national studies with Head Start, Early Head Start, and Migrant and Seasonal Head Start as well as her appointments as Board Vice Chair of the DC Bilingual Public Charter School and on the Advisory Committee of the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Immigration.

Sandra Barrueco, Ph.D.'s Books

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  • Developing Early Comprehension

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-034-2


    How does early comprehension develop in young children, and how can we better prepare preschoolers to become successful readers? This important volume compiles today’s best research from more than two dozen literacy experts.

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  • Assessing Spanish–English Bilingual Preschoolers

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-219-3


    Get detailed reviews and analyses of 37 developmental assessments for Spanish–English bilingual preschoolers. Readers will compare English and Spanish versions of each tool, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and get snapshots of key characteristics and technical data.

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