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Korey Stading, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist who specializes in AAC and children with severe communication disorders. She facilitates a preschool program at Munroe-Meyer Institute for young children who benefit from the use of differing levels of AAC support. She trains undergraduate and graduate students on the use of AAC strategies in this setting. She completes AAC evaluations for children and young adults at Munroe-Meyer Institute and also for various local school districts. She serves as a consultant to local school districts for AAC needs and provides training to teachers, speech therapists, and paraprofessionals to help implement AAC strategies and devices.

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  • Transition Strategies for Adolescents and Young Adults Who Use AAC

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-997-1


    Help young people who use AAC on the road to a successful, fulfilling adult life with this research-based book, the key to providing effective services and supports that meet individual needs.

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