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Deanne K. Unruh, Ph.D.

Deanne K. Unruh, Ph.D. Biography:

Deanne K. Unruh, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Secondary Special Education & Transition (SSET), 204 Clinical Services Building, 5260 University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403.

In addition to her work at the SSET, Dr. Unruh is Director of the Post-School Outcome Center at the University of Oregon (UO), with research expertise in high-risk adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system. She has received $6.1 million in research, model demonstration, and personnel preparation funding from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs; and the Institute of Educational Sciences.

Dr. Unruh’s research interests include 1) developing facility-to-community transition programming for adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system, 2) improving employability social skills for highrisk adolescents, and 3) developing employment-ready measures for adolescents with disabilities. Dr. Unruh contributes to the doctoral training in transition and research methods in the College of Education. She teaches the Program Evaluation doctoral research methods sequence within the UO College of Education. Prior to coming to UO, she was a teacher and administrator in alternative education schools for high-risk youth in urban settings for more than 12 years. During this tenure, Dr. Unruh was a certified trainer for the National Diffusion Network and trained state, district, and school staff nationwide on effective instructional strategies for working with at-risk youth.

When Dr. Unruh is not at work, her interests include acting on and advocating for food sustainability and equity. She is an avid gardener and grows most of the vegetables and fruits she eats year-round. Dr. Unruh also serves on the board of her local food bank, which distributes food, operates dining rooms for the homeless, educates individuals in food self-sufficiency, and supports community gardening to disseminate fresh, organic food to those in need within her county.

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  • Transition of Youth and Young Adults with Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-963-6


    This comprehensive professional resource collects the best, most current knowledge on supporting the transition to adulthood for young people with mental health issues. Includes in-depth analyses of five successful transition programs.

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