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Lynne F. Katz, Ed.D

Lynne F. Katz, Ed.D Biography:

Dr. Katz is Director of the University of Miami’s Linda Ray Intervention Center and a research assistant professor in the department of Psychology with a secondary appointment in Pediatrics. Since 1993, she has been Director of the early intervention service and research project at the Center for children at risk due to prenatal cocaine exposure. In her leadership role as an early intervention specialist, she has worked to create linkages with community stakeholders serving high-risk young children in the child welfare system. She has served as Principal Investigator of the Miami Safe Start Promising Approaches site, providing early intervention clinical services for children exposed to violence and maltreatment at community domestic violence and homeless shelters where young children and their families reside. Dr. Katz has coordinated the Strengthening Families and Ages and Stages programs for the Juvenile Court’s Dependency Drug Court Initiatives. She was Director of the Miami site of the Florida Infant and Young Children’s Mental Health Project, funded by the state legislature through the Florida Department of Children and Families. She was an active collaborative partner in the development of the Miami Juvenile Dependency Court Parenting Initiative. Dr. Katz has served as Co-Chair of the Community-Based Care Alliance of Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. She is a recipient of the Wall of Honor Award presented by the Miami Juvenile Court for her contributions to the development of quality programs for young children in foster care. She has also received awards at both the State of Florida and regional Dependency Court summits for her service to children and families in her community.

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  • Child-Centered Practices for the Courtroom and Community

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-073-1


    A practical, readable guide that demystifies the child welfare system and offers professionals evidence-based interventions so that they can ensure the best outcomes for vulnerable families in the system.

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