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Alison Bailey, M.S.Ed.

Alison Bailey, M.S.Ed. Biography:

Ms. Bailey has a background in school counseling and instructs courses in classroom management, behavioral theory, and computer technology. Her professional interests focus on the development, delivery, and evaluation of quality training programs.

Alison Bailey, M.S.Ed.'s Books

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  • Positive Strategies for Students with Behavior Problems

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-878-3


    For use with children who have persistent or severe behavior challenges, this book introduces educators to the systematic Positive Strategies method, which helps teachers understand why behaviors persist, prevent problem behavior, and replace problem behaviors with better alternatives. Grounded in the proven and popular PBS approach, the Positive Strategies method will help school teams ensure long–term improvements in the social success, academic achievement, and overall quality of life for children with severe problem behaviors.

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