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Elizabeth Clavenna-Deane, Ph.D., has worked with secondary students with disabilities for over 25 years; she began her career as a secondary special education teacher before spending almost 10 years as a transition coordinator. She has provided special education services to students with varying levels of disability ranging from mild to significant. Over the past decade, Dr. Clavenna -Deane has focused her expertise and research on autism, behavior, and social -emotional learning, and on the impact of related characteristics and skills upon the transition to adulthood. She cur¬rently provides technical assistance and training to multiple Kansas school districts on making universal, targeted, and intensive supports available for all students needing assistance through the Kansas MTSS framework.

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  • Your Complete Guide to Transition Planning and Services

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-311-4


    A must for special educators and transition coordinators, this introductory guide will help you every step of the way as you support students' successful transition to college, work, and community.

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