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Judith A. Pauley, Ph.D.

Judith A. Pauley, Ph.D. Biography: Judith A. Pauley, Ph.D., retired in 1999 from a distinguished, 42-year career teaching chemistry and physics in high school, college, and graduate school in the United States of America and Asia. She received numerous awards for her teaching methods and was named science teacher of the year by the Maryland Association of Science Teachers, Trinity College, and the Society of Sigma Xi. She is one of the founders of the Maryland Chemathon, is a past president of the Montgomery County Maryland Science Fair Association and the Chemical Educators of Maryland, and serves on the boards of several scientific organizations, including the Maryland Association of Science Teachers. She has presented extensively at local, national, and international science, science teaching, at-risk, dropout prevention, and other teaching conferences. She has written several articles on science teaching and helping every student succeed in the classroom and contributed to Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education: Piecing the Puzzle Together, Second Edition (Villa & Thousand, Brookes Publishing Co., 2000). Dr. Pauley is Chief Executive Officer of Process Communications, Inc., which provides training on the Process Communication Model (PCM) and the discoveries of Dr. Taibi Kahler. She is the mother of three children, including a daughter with Down syndrome for whom she has been a lifelong advocate.

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  • Here's How to Reach Me

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-566-9


    This guidebook for classroom management helps teachers understand each of their students' personalities and adapt instruction accordingly.

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