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Johanne Paradis, Ph.D.

Johanne Paradis, Ph.D. Biography: Dr. Paradis completed her doctorate in psychology and pursued postdoctoral studies in communication disorders, both at McGill University. She has published numerous articles in scientific journals on bilingual and second language children, both typically developing and with specific language impairment (SLI). Before completing her doctorate, she taught English as a Second Language to adults and children for 10 years. Dr. Paradis is currently pursuing two lines of research. One line is concerned with bilingual children with SLI (e.g., Do bilingual children with SLI exhibit difficulties equally in both their languages? Do bilingual children with SLI exhibit more severe difficulties than monlingual children with SLI?). Her second line of research consists of comparisons between typically developing children learning a second language (minority children in particular) and monolingual children with SLI (e.g., How is their oral language similar and different? Are there aspects of language use particular to children with SLI and not to children learning a second language?) Both lines of research are aimed at developing ways to identify the clinical population among children in multilingual settings.

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  • Dual Language Development & Disorders

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-058-8


    Updated with the latest research, this second edition of the bestselling textbook fully prepares SLPs and educators to support young children who are dual language learners-and make informed decisions about assessment and intervention when a disorder is present.

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  • Bilingual Language Development and Disorders in Spanish-English Speakers, Second Edition

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-171-4


    The revised edition of this comprehensive graduate-level text gives SLPs the most current information on language development and disorders of Spanish-English bilingual children. Includes 5 new chapters on literacy and other hot topics.

    Paperback $48.95 Qty:

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