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Rachel Janney, Ph.D., is an independent scholar and consultant who has worked with and on behalf of children and adults with disabilities in a number of capacities, including special education teacher, educational and behavioral consultant, technical assistance provider, teacher educator, researcher, and author. For a number of years, she was a professor in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at Radford University in Virginia, where she taught courses and supervised student teachers in the special education program, specializing in the inclusion of students with extensive learning and behavior support needs. Dr. Janney received her master's degree from Syracuse University and her doctorate from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.

Rachel Janney, Ph.D.'s Books

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  • Social Relationships and Peer Support, Second Edition

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-821-9


    This highly readable guide gives educators proven and practical ideas for improving social connections among students with and without disabilities.

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  • Modifying Schoolwork, Third Edition

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-293-3


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  • Collaborative Teaming, Third Edition

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-656-6


    Packed with practical tips, tools, and vignettes, the third edition of this popular book shows your staff how to work together effectively to support students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Perfect for independent study, inservice training, or preservice study.

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