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Trainer's Guide to Building Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs

Trainer's Guide to Building Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs

Authors: Gail E. Joseph Ph.D., Susan R. Sandall Ph.D., Ilene S. Schwartz Ph.D., BCBA-D

ISBN: 978-1-59857-049-6
Pages: 209
Copyright: 2010
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An essential teaching companion for instructors of pre-K educators, this convenient CD-ROM is a vivid blueprint for effective inclusive education using the popular Building Blocks approach.

Following the structure of the bestselling textbook with almost 40 pages of all-new material, this comprehensive guide helps teacher educators provide effective instruction on the three types of Building Blocks inclusion strategies. Ideal for use with preservice or inservice early childhood educators, this CD-ROM gives trainers everything they need to enhance their teacher preparation sessions:

  • 8 engaging audio-visual presentations with optional audio narrationvideo clips of teachers and children demonstrating successful curriculum modifications and adaptations
  • a NEW module (not in the textbook) on planning successful inclusive classrooms
  • helpful presentation notes that can be used as a general guide or a more explicit script during professional development courses
  • group activities that prepare pre-K teachers to solve challenges and promote learning in inclusive classrooms
  • more strategies on inclusion and assessment that aren't in the textbook
  • explicit instructions on how to use the forms in the book

With this comprehensive trainer's guide, professional development leaders and college professors can be confident they're delivering effective instruction on the Building Blocks model—and preparing pre-K teachers to create high-quality inclusive classrooms.

Get pre-K teachers ready to use the three Building Blocks of inclusion:

  • curriculum modifications that allow all children to participate
  • embedded learning opportunities used in typical classroom activities
  • child-focused instructional strategies that help students with individual learning objectives
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Module 1: Overview of the Building Blocks Framework

Module 2: The Foundation of the Building Blocks Framework: High-Quality Early Childhood Program

Module 3: Curriculum Modifications and Adaptations

Module 4: Planning for Instruction

Module 5: Embedded Learning Opportunities (ELO)

Module 6: Child-Focused Instructional Strategies (CFIS)

Module 7: Monitoring Children's Progress

Module 8: Keys to Collaboration

Blank Forms from Building Blocks, 2e
Presenter Notes