The Well Screening® Starter Kit, Research Edition
Early Childhood, Communication and Language

Now exclusively distributed by Brookes, the Well Screening® tool is your quick, reliable, and comprehensive way to identify kindergarten students (ages 4–6) who are at risk for learning disabilities, including developmental language disorders, dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyscalculia, and speech sound disorders.

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Introducing the Well Screening®
Supporting Kindergarten Readiness Using the Well Screening®

Today’s schools have been tasked with identifying risk for learning disabilities before children have a chance to fail—and the earlier identification starts, the better. Now exclusively distributed by Brookes, the Well Screening® tool is your quick, reliable, and comprehensive way to identify kindergarten students (ages 4–6) who are at risk for learning disabilities, including developmental language disorders, dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyscalculia, and speech sound disorders. With just one 20-minute screener, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), special and general educators, and school psychologists can examine student performance in multiple skill areas that predict their future success in school.


  • Identifies at-risk students early, so that further evaluation and intervention can be provided as soon as possible.
  • Covers areas missed by other screeners—looks at many domains that research identifies as important for school success.
  • Pinpoints specific strengths and weaknesses in areas that matter most for academic success.
  • Fun and engaging, with animated characters that kids love to interact with.
  • Easy for adults to administer and score.
  • Digital-only format that can also be delivered via Zoom or another video interface.
  • Backed by more than 30 years of clinical experience and drawn from multiple specialized fields: speech-language pathology, education, psychology, and child development.
  • Great for monitoring—can be used to follow the child’s progress in the fall, winter, and spring of the kindergarten year.

An engaging online screener with an animated, game-like interface that children love, Well Screening is a more in-depth tool for use after a universal screening questionnaire. It includes 10 subtests that examine skills in the following key domains:

  • receptive language
  • expressive language
  • social communication
  • early literacy
  • reading
  • attention
  • math calculation
  • speech sound production
  • motor skills

Administered on a computer or tablet, Well Screening is completed by the student, who responds to prompts from animated characters. (Select subtests require an adult helper to indicate the student’s responses on a separate device. Be sure to review the Technical Requirements before getting started.) Once the screening is complete, Well Screening automatically generates a detailed learning profile of the child’s skills and areas of need, with scaled scores and percentile ranks included to help guide instruction for targeted areas. If the student performs below expectations on Well Screening, your team should initiate monitoring and enrichment in the identified areas (fun activities, games, and other resources are provided for each domain). If the child performs below expectations on three or more subtests, further evaluation is recommended.

(To learn more about the screener, visit the Well Screening website and download this visual How It Works guide.)



Identifying prekindergarten and kindergarten children at risk for speech, language, and learning disorders.

4:5 to 6:11

Receptive language, expressive language, social communication, early literacy, reading, attention, math calculation, speech sound production, motor skills

Any educator or professional in a school or clinical setting. The Speech Sound Production Subtest, which is a supplementary component and does not have to be administered to get comprehensive results, must be completed by an SLP or other communication professional.

About 20 minutes

No formal training is required to administer the Well Screening. The manual and online instruction video provide directions, and a how-to webinar will provide more help for those who need it.

Ready to get started with Well Screening? Purchase the Well Screening Starter Kit, which includes an ebook manual and 25 screening codes (you’ll use one code per screening). After you use up your initial screening codes, you can purchase supplementary codes for future screenings.

Note: The Well Screening Starter Kit is purchased from and fulfilled solely via the Brookes website.
Abbreviated Manual Table of Contents

About the Authors
About the Advisory Board
About the Biostatistician
Accessing the Well Screening®

1    An Introduction to the Well Screening®

2    The Theory Behind the Well Screening

3    The Well Screening Domains

4    The Well Screening Subtests

5    How the Well Screening Works

6    Interpretation and Follow-Up

7    Case Studies: The Well Screening in Practice

8    Technical Information


See the full table of contents in the posted excerpt


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Tamela Sterling, Sterling Speech Associates, LLC, Washington, D.C. - March 17, 2021
"The Well Screening is a quick, informative, fun and engaging tool which measures critical language and academic skills at major points in the school year. After using the screener on a small sample population, the Well Screening will be coming to our district in the fall for all of our incoming kindergartners. My entire team is beyond excited!!"
Lauren Brown, Teacher, Private School - February 15, 2021
“The Well Screening shows the growth my students make over the course of a school year and helps guide my teaching to best support each individual learner.”
Melony And Ben, Mom and Son, Aspen, CO. - February 15, 2021
“This is a great service being offered to families. This could easily change the course of a child’s life.”
Stacy Williams, Ph.D., CHSE, ASHA Fellow, Professor and Simulation Education Expert - February 15, 2021
“The Well Screening platform truly takes online screening for suspected speech, language, and learning disabilities to a new level. Its state of art technology and animations makes evaluating skills critical for future academic success fun and engaging.”
Eric Wonderly, Ph.D., School Psychologist, Private Practice - February 15, 2021
“This is an invaluable tool my school uses to identify kindergarten students who are at risk for learning disabilities.”
Lisa Sandoval, M.A., CCC-SLP, Executive Director of Dynamic Therapy Solutions, Los Angeles - February 15, 2021
“This is the best kindergarten screener available...great for detecting kiddos with reading difficulty and speech and language needs. around 20 minutes to administer...great for schools and clinics.”
Jennell Vick, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center - February 15, 2021
“The Well Screening provides insight into skill areas not typically found in speech-language screening tools. Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center is using the Well Screening to identify kindergarten readiness skills that can be targeted through intervention and home programs. The Well Screening also pinpoints areas that may need to be evaluated further. We are so fortunate to have this online tool that can be completed by our speech-language pathologists...”