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The Facts of Life....and More

The Facts of Life....and More

Sexuality and Intimacy for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Author: Leslie Walker-Hirsch M.Ed., FAAMR   Invited Contributors: John D. Allen, John J. Barisa, Marklyn Champagne R.N., M.S.W., Amy Gerowitz, Robert Joseph, Emily Perl Kingsley, Ruth Luckasson, Stuart Lustberg, Sherry Niccolai, Nancy Parello, Shay Platz, Melissa Rennie, Mary E. White   Chapter Authors: Melinda K. Hall, John Rose

ISBN: 978-1-55766-714-4
Pages: 320
Copyright: 2007
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Making good decisions about sexuality is a critical part of adulthood, but sometimes people with intellectual disabilities don't get the support or education they need to navigate this complex aspect of life.

Professionals will change that with this urgently needed book, which gives social workers, teachers, and direct support professionals the comprehensive information they need to educate people with disabilities about sexuality and help them make the best possible choices across the lifespan.

Blending in-depth examination of legal and clinical issues with sensitive discussion of the emotional side of sexuality, expert contributors from diverse fields help readers

  • deliver meaningful, individualized, and culturally sensitive sexuality education

  • understand parents' perspectives—and help them provide appropriate information and support to their child throughout life

  • assist people with disabilities in managing risks associated with sexual activity

  • use behavior interventions to encourage appropriate sexual expression

  • help people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender validate their feelings and counter negative messages

  • address issues related to medical care and intervention for people with disabilities

Going beyond the facts of life, this book gives professionals candid interviews and personal anecdotes that show how real-life couples with disabilities handle the joys and challenges of their relationships—courtship, sex, parenthood, disagreements, finances, and more.

Readers will also get examples of effective sexuality education techniques and vivid case studies that illustrate key points. With this frank, thorough, and highly readable guide, professionals will better advocate for people with disabilities and help them reap the social and emotional benefits of healthy, responsible, age-appropriate sexuality.

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Review: Apostrophe
"Highly readable and thorough…Will empower professionals to become better advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and help them attain the social and emotional benefits of healthy, responsible, and age-appropriate sexuality."
Review: Exceptional Parent
"A 2007 Best Book for Parents"
Review by: Karin Melberg Schwier, parent, co-author, Sexuality: Your Sons and Daughters with Intellectual Disabilities
"Present[s] issues not in isolation, but lay[s] them out in the wider context of society, changing attitudes, services and what it is to be human...Vignettes sprinkled throughout the book serve as personal, real life illustrations to remind us who is at the heart of all this learning: people who have disabilities."
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  1. Sexuality Education and Intellectual Disability Across the Lifespan: A Developmental, Social, and Educational Perspective
    Leslie Walker-Hirsch

  2. Six Key Components of a Meaningful Comprehensive Sexuality Education
    Leslie Walker-Hirsch

  3. Foundations in Social Development Education and Sexuality Education Techniques
    Leslie Walker-Hirsch

  1. A Parent's Perspective: Supporting Challenges and Strategies
    Emily Perl Kingsley and Leslie Walker-Hirsch

  2. Social Support Systems for Quality Service Delivery: A Historical View
    Amy Gerowitz

  3. In Their Own Words: Couples Tell Their Stories
    Nancy Parello

  4. Cultural Diversity, Sexuality Education, and Intellectual Disability
    Ruth Luckasson and Sherry Niccolai

  5. Supporting Diversity in Sexual Relationships: On Being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender with an Intellectual Disability
    John D. Allen

  1. Consent to Sexual Activity: Legal and Clinical Considerations
    Ruth Luckasson and Leslie Walker-Hirsch

  2. Managing the Risks Associated with Sexual Activity
    John Rose and Melissa Rennie

  1. OB-GYN Care for Females with Intellectual Disabilities
    Mary White and Stuart Lustberg

  2. Helping Individuals Recover from Sexual Abuse: One Therapist's Model
    Marklyn Champagne

  3. Sexuality and Mental Health: Interventions and Treatments
    Robert Joseph and John Barisa

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