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Teaching Reading Sourcebook

Teaching Reading Sourcebook

Authors: Bill Honig, Linda Diamond, Linda Gutlohn   Invited Contributors: Carrie L Cole, Pamela Beard El-Dinary, Roxanne F Hudson, Holly B Lane, Jacalyn Mahler, Paige C Pullen

ISBN: 978-1-63402-235-4
Pages: 848
Copyright: 2018
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"Provides both distilled theory and research, with lessons you can teach tomorrow morning. It is a keeper . . .a textbook that pre-service and classroom teachers will want to keep and pull off of their professional bookshelf quite often. "—Shane Templeton, Ph.D.,University of Nevada, Reno

A bestselling, research-based guide to effective reading instruction, the Teaching Reading Sourcebook helps current and future educators bridge the gap between evidence-based reading research and actionable instruction strategies. Organized according to the guiding questions behind explicit instruction (what?,why? ,when?, and how? ), this third edition includes both a research-informed knowledge base and practical sample lesson models to use in the classroom. Teachers will learn about five key elements of an effective reading program—phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension—and they'll get teaching tips and intervention strategies to help them put principles into practice.
A hands–on teacher's guide and an essential text for professional preparation, this book is a must–have for educators at every level.

  • A new chapter on MTSS and its 4 key components of implementation
  • Revised assessment table aligned to MTSS chapter
  • Updated research references throughout
  • Common profiles of reading difficulties
  • Updated NAEP results
  • New statistics about English learners
  • Newest Hasbrouck and Tindal Oral Reading Fluency Norms

Listed by the National Council on Teacher Quality’s 2018 Teacher Prep Review as one of 10 textbooks that comprehensively and rigorously cover the scientific basis and instructional elements of the five essential components of effective reading instruction.

SUPPORT SITE COMING SOON: The companion site for this textbook will include course objectives, key vocabulary, and assessment questions for each chapter.
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About the Teaching Reading Sourcebook
About the Common Core State Standards and the Teaching Reading Sourcebook
Correlation: Sourcebook Sample Lesson Models to Common Core State Standards

The Big Picture

Section I: Word Structure
Chapter 1 Structure of English
Chapter 2 Structure of Spanish

Section II: Early Literacy
Chapter 3 Print Awareness
Chapter 4 Letter Knowledge
Chapter 5 Phonological Awareness

Section III: Decoding and Word Recognition
Chapter 6 Phonics
Chapter 7 Irregular Word Reading
Chapter 8 Multisyllabic Word Reading

Section IV: Reading Fluency
Chapter 9 Fluency Assessment
Chapter 10 Fluency Instruction

Section V: Vocabulary
Chapter 11 Specific Word Instruction
Chapter 12 Word-Learning Strategies
Chapter 13 Word Consciousness

Section VI: Comprehension
Chapter 14 Literary Text
Chapter 15 Informational Text

MTSS for Reading Success


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