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TPRI® Intervention Activities Guide

TPRI® Intervention Activities Guide

ISBN: 978-1-59857-140-0
Pages: 224
Copyright: 2010
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Assessment is just the first step toward real reading progress for all students. Teachers need to know how to use assessment results to improve their instruction and target each student's specific challenges—and that's just what they'll do with this teacher-friendly Intervention Activities Guide, an essential part of the comprehensive TPRI® system for Grades K–3.

Perfect for differentiated instruction with small groups, this book gives teachers hundreds of reading-level-appropriate activities directly linked to the concepts and skills assessed with TPRI and other reading assessments, including book and print awareness, phonemic awareness, graphophonemic knowledge, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and writing. The ready-to-use activities in this guide

  • are easy to adapt for either whole-class instruction or intervention with individual students
  • require little preparation
  • come with clear examples and step-by-step instructions
  • gives teachers the flexibility to work with students at all instructional levels
  • include variations and adaptations to keep students engaged
  • work with any curriculum the teacher is already using
To help them ensure that interventions are effective, teachers will also get easy-to-use Lesson Planning Tools for each domain assessed with TPRI®, helpful background information about each domain, guidelines and tips for differentiated instruction, and a glossary of terms used in TPRI®.

Packed with the activities and practical guidelines teachers need to plan instruction and organize classrooms, the Intervention Activities Guide is the critical link between testing and teaching in the real world. Teachers will find it easier than ever to use all of the information from assessments to strengthen their students' reading outcomes. New to TPRI®? Start with an introduction to the system and its benefits.

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