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Sing & Sign for Young Children
Early Childhood
A unique and highly effective way to teach and practice key ASL sign vocabulary through music and play during everyday classroom routines—and support development, too.
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Research shows that teaching sign language to all young children has a wide range of benefits, from enhancing social‐emotional and preliteracy skills to supporting positive parent‐child relationships. With Sing & Sign for Young Children, early childhood professionals will have a fun, easy, and highly effective way to teach and practice key ASL sign vocabulary through music and play during everyday classroom routines.

Packed with engaging sign language activities and original, kid‐friendly songs, this innovative program was created by a music therapist and early childhood specialist with years of experience working and playing with young children. Dr. Anne Meeker Watson, creator of the SING.PLAY.LOVE.® program, shows you how to transform your daily activities—including arrival, mealtime, shared book reading, free play, and departure—into joyful learning opportunities infused with music, play, and warm adult‐child connections. You'll get everything you need to implement the program when you purchase the book: original songs with lyrics and scores, guidance and tips for beginning the program, pictures of all the signs and hand formations, suggested activities and games, a list of additional resources, and videos modeling signs for each song.

  • Strengthens skills essential for academic and social success:communication, social‐emotional, self‐regulation, and literacy skills
  • Combines signing with music—a powerful, motivating, and neurologically rich experience for young children
  • Helps children build positive, meaningful relationships with each other and with their educators and caregivers
  • Infuses the school day with joy and fun, creating an environment that's conducive to sustained attention and engagement
  • Gives children many chances to practice and demonstrate new skills across daily routines
  • Helps support communication development for all children, including dual language learners and children with language delays

DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS: Put Sing & Sign into action with a complete package of downloadable online materials, including 13 audio recordings, 18 instructional videos, and 18 printable pages of song cards, instructions, and photographs and illustrations of key vocabulary words. (Vocabulary word pages are available in both English and Spanish.)

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About the Online Materials

About the Author

Foreward by Becky Bailey



Chapter 1 Mealtime and Manners
Mealtime and Manners
 Mealtime Mess
 Picky Eaters
 May I Have Your Undividided Attention?
 Taste and Talk
Fill the Basket
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing Fill the Basket
  Fun Activities to Share with Fill the Basket
My Kitchen Door
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing My Kitchen Door
  Fun Activities to Share with My Kitchen Door
More Signs for Mealtime and Manners
Books to Read and Sign

Chapter 2 Let's Play!
Let's Play!
 May I Have Your Attention Please?
 Sing & Sign Is a Family Affair
 Sing & Sign for the Senses
Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Sing & Sign in Nature
Mommy Go 'Round the Sun
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing Mommy Go 'Round the Sun
  Fun Activities to Share with Mommy Go 'Round the Sun
Roll the Ball
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing Roll the Ball
  Fun Activities to Share with Roll the Ball
More Signs for Playtime
Books to Read and Sign

Chapter 3 Fostering Relationships, Relaxation, and Rest
Fostering Relationships, Relaxation, and Rest
 The Feeling is Mutual: Mutual Versus Self‐Regulation
 Emotional Literacy
 Supporting Parent‐Child Attachment
What'll We Do with the Baby?
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing What'll We Do with the Baby?
  Fun Activities to Share with What'll We Do with the Baby?
Birdie, Birdie
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing Birdie, Birdie
  Fun Activities to Share with Birdie, Birdie
More Signs for Relationships, Relaxation, and Rest
Books to Read and Sign

Chapter 4 Utilizing Sign and Song for Routines and Transitions
Utilizing Sign and Song for Routines and Transitions
 Piggy‐Back Songs and Strategies for Routines and Transitions
 Singing the Praises of Visual Schedules
 The Best and Briefest Advice I can Offer
Walking Song
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing Walking Song
  Fun Activities to Share with Walking Song
We're Having a Bath
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing We're Having a Bath
  Fun Activities to Share with We're Having a Bath
More Signs for Transitions and Routines
Books to Read and Sign

Chapter 5 Sing, Sign, and Read
Sing, Sign, and Read
 The Perfect Combination: Songs, Signs, Books, and YOU
 Singing Picture Books
Grandpa's Farm
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing Grandpa's Farm
  Fun Activities to Share with Grandpa's Farm
What Color Am I?
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing What Color Am I?
  Fun Activities to Share with What Color Am I?
Books to Read and Sign

Chapter 6 Following the Young Child's Lead
Following the Young Child's Lead
 Face Time
 Wait Time
 Play Time
 Self‐Confidence and Competence
 Child's Choice
Saturday Morning
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing Saturday Morning
  Fun Activities to Share with Saturday Morning
My World
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing My World
  Fun Activities to Share with My World
I Take the Music with Me
  Signs to Sing
  Tips for Introducing I Take the Music with Me
  Fun Activities to Share with I Take the Music with Me
More Signs for Supporting Independence
Books to Read and Sign

Pictorial Sign Dictionary
Suggested Reading


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Alice-Ann Darrow, Ph.D., Retired Irvin Cooper Professor of Music Education and Therapy, Florida State University - September 1, 2021
"Wow, just wow! Once again, Anne Meeker Watson skillfully combines children’s most motivating avenues of learning—music, sign, and play—to reinforce the skills all children need to be successful, socially and academically. The creativity embedded in her activities is brilliant! I can’t think of a better resource to promote young children’s self‐regulation, communication, social‐emotional learning, and cognitive developm09ent. Best of all, the downloadable materials—instructional videos, song files, and printable visuals—make this resource doable for any early childhood educator. The songs are vocally appropriate, repetitive, and catchy, and will undoubtedly appeal to the young child’s ear. How can I sign up for her next workshop?!"
Sonia Yoshizawa, MAE, Researcher, Center of Excellence in Early Childhood, Learning and Development, East Tennessee State University - August 1, 2021
"When we think music, we quite often forget about the most vulnerable population: the youngest of the younger children and those with hearing impairment or deafness. We also forget that there is more than one method of communication. This book, Sing & Sing for Young Children, brings creative and unique efforts to teach music to all children, and invites the readers to participate in a memorable journey: A journey to discover and nurture relationships and to “feel” music collaboratively with those you love. Practical, step‐by‐step pictures of sign language invites the readers to sing and sign, challenge, and reflect about the importance of reciprocal language done in a unique, musical way. A must-read!"
Pat Kern, Early Childhood Consultant - August 1, 2021
"Combining singing and signing creates a special love language to share with the youngest people in your life. Through catchy tunes, lively lyrics and step‐by‐step instruction in American Sign Language, Anne Meeker empowers children and caring adults to enhance early communication, encourage bonding, and experience the joy of learning. Meeker’s writing is a little bit academic instruction, practical teaching strategies, and story‐telling with a touch of folksy humor for good measure. Sing & Sign for Young Children is a blueprint for parents or Early Childhood Professionals to support learning throughout the day and across all developmental domains. The supplemental activity suggestions and videos are icing on the cake which emphasize relationship, self‐esteem, creativity and FUN. Reading this book will have you humming or singing all day long and you’ll be convinced of the power of music in young children’s lives."
Author: Anne Meeker Watson Ph.D., MT-BC   Foreword Author: Becky Bailey
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Audio recordings
Instructional videos
Printable song cards and instructions
Printable photographs and illustrations of key vocabulary words (vocabulary word pages are available in both English and Spanish)
Pictorial dictionary