Workshops for Siblings of Children With Support Needs, Third Edition
Special Education

Siblings of children with support needs have their own challenges, emotions, and concerns—and sometimes their unique needs can be unintentionally overlooked. Support siblings with the new third edition of Sibshops, your ultimate guide to planning peer support, informational, and recreational activities for siblings ages 8 through 17.

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Widely used for more than 40 years in hundreds of communities worldwide, Sibshops are lively, low-cost workshops where siblings can share their joys and challenges, learn from their peers, and just have fun together. Enhanced with new research, online materials, and 100+ engaging activities, this updated guide makes it easier than ever to create and launch a Sibshop in your own community. You’ll get practical instructions for every step of planning, promoting, budgeting, and running a successful Sibshop, plus insights from siblings and Sibshop facilitators throughout the world. Perfect for all programs and professionals serving families of children with disabilities, this complete how-to guide will help you create upbeat, rewarding, and welcoming workshops that give siblings much-needed support.


Sibshops are a great opportunity for siblings to:

  • Meet other siblings in a relaxed setting and enjoy fun activities together
  • Reduce their sense of isolation by affirming that they’re not alone
  • Learn how their peers handle situations commonly experienced by siblings
  • Get answers to their questions about their siblings’ support needs
  • Develop friendships that will be ongoing sources of validation and support

WHAT’S NEW: Learn from new research and guidance on timely topics: creating safe and supportive spaces for all children, planning online Sibshops, designing Sibshops for teens, applying trauma-informed practices to Sibshops, and using technology to help recruit and register participants. Plus, get new field-tested recreational and discussion activities and online supplemental materials that are easy to print and photocopy.

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Chapter 1: What Are Sibshops?
Chapter 2: Unique Concerns
Chapter 3: Information Needs of Siblings
Chapter 4: Unique Opportunities
Chapter 5: Getting Started
Chapter 6: Putting it All Together
Chapter 7: Introductory and Trickle-In Activities
Chapter 8: Sibshop Discussion and Peer Support Activities
Chapter 9: Sibshop Recreation and Food Activities
Chapter 10: Information Activities, Guest Speakers, and Special Events
Chapter 11: Workshops on Sibling Issues for Parents and Service Providers
Appendix A: The Sibshop Standards of Practice
Appendix B: A Brief Description of the Sibshop Model
Appendix C: What Siblings Would Like Parents and Service Providers to Know
Appendix D: Sample Sibshop Registration Form
Appendix E: Dear Aunt Blabby Letters
Appendix F: Acknowledging Trauma Among Sibshop Participants



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Marsha Quinn, B.S., Co-Executive Director, Parent to Parent USA - January 11, 2024

Disabilities and special health care needs affect the ENTIRE family! Parent to Parent USA is pleased to be a partner with The Sibling Network to bring Sibshops to families across the country.

Kate Strohm, , Founder of Siblings Australia, Principal of Sibs Consulting, author of Siblings: Brothers and Sisters of Children with Disability - January 11, 2024

This third edition of the groundbreaking Sibshops peer program adds even more depth to the already wonderful program that has been used so extensively over many years. Siblings who might be trying to manage a mix of challenges at a young age can feel very alone and anxious. Connecting with other young siblings can not only help them reach their own potential but also assist them to understand and contribute to their brother or sister with support needs.

Andrea Dondi, Author of Siblings. Crescere fratelli e sorelle di bambini con disabilità - January 11, 2024

This new edition is a must-have book for everyone who is involved in sibling support. It is a fresh and modern version where you can find many quotes about siblings’ experiences, tips for online sessions, and many new activities and games from facilitators all over the world. A super-complete guide to planning and delivering Sibshops in a fully aware and well-structured approach.

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