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Progress Monitoring for Beginning Readers™ (PMBR) Kit

Progress Monitoring for Beginning Readers™ (PMBR) Kit

ISBN: 978-1-59857-135-6
Copyright: 2010
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Is reading instruction improving outcomes, and how well are struggling students responding to interventions?

When K–3 students are at risk for reading difficulties, there's no time to wait for the answers—and with these brief, effective Progress Monitoring Assessments, teachers will know right away how their students ' skills are developing. A critical part of the comprehensive TPRI system, these assessments are just what busy teachers need to measure progress in just a few minutes, so they'll spend less time assessing and more time teaching. Teachers will see what's working and what they may need to adjust to improve outcomes for struggling readers.

Choose from two grade-specific Progress Monitoring Assessments-one kit for emerging readers, one for beginning readers.

Progress Monitoring for Beginning Readers™ (PMBR) at a Glance

Age range: Second half of Grade 1–Grade 3
Skill areas assessed: Primarily fluency, but also accuracy and comprehension
Used with: Students who can read, are falling behind or at risk for falling behind, and are receiving reading interventions
How often: There are two options for PMBR administration: every 2 weeks for students receiving intensive intervention, and every 6 weeks for students receiving less intervention
Assessment content: Two-minute fluency probes—brief stories that measure fluency progress as well as gains in accuracy and comprehension
Kit includes: Story Comprehension Booklet and Teacher's Guide with comprehensive administration guidelines (Student Record Sheets sold separately)

This kit is part of TPRI®, a comprehensive, research-based system for real reading progress in grades K–3. Used in more than 75,000 classrooms nationwide with students receiving primary reading instruction in English, TPRI catches struggling readers before they fail, helps teachers improve instruction, links assessment results with targeted interventions, and monitors student progress. A perfect fit with response to intervention! New to TPRI®? Start with an introduction to the system and its benefits.

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