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Make the Day Matter!

Make the Day Matter!

Promoting Typical Lifestyles for Adults with Significant Disabilities
Authors: Pamela M. Walker Ph.D., Patricia M Rogan Ph.D.   Invited Contributors: Michael Callahan, Cary Griffin, Teresa Grossi Ph.D., David Hammis, Richard G. Luecking, David Mank Ph.D., Bonnie Schoultz, Valerie Smith, Jeff Strully, Perry Whittico

ISBN: 978-1-55766-713-7
Pages: 192
Copyright: 2007
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Adults with disabilities enjoying active, rewarding, and meaningful daytimes in their communities—that's the reality when service providers and programs tap into innovative support strategies that really work. That's just what they'll do with this invaluable book, the first to compile all the best, most current knowledge on helping adults "make the day matter."

A call to action and an in-depth guide to the most effective strategies, this illuminating resource gives service providers proven ideas for supporting adults with significant disabilities as they

  • make a smooth transition from school to adult life

  • find or create employment that fits their goals and desires

  • pursue their individual interests and hobbies

  • participate in postsecondary education

  • develop social relationships and community connections

  • explore opportunities for paid self-advocacy and systems change work

  • maintain active, healthy lifestyles as they age

Throughout the book, detailed case stories from across the country combine with practical guidelines to show professionals how to replicate success stories in their own communities. And with the extensive discussion of organizational change, programs will have a blueprint they can use to make the critical shift from facility-based to community-based services.

The only comprehensive look at promoting better, more fulfilling daytimes for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, this idea-filled guide from respected researchers is a must for all service providers who want to do more but aren't sure how. Every program serving adults needs a copy!

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"A must for educators, advocates, families, and elected officials."
Review by: K. Charlie Lakin, Director, Research and Training Center on Community Living, University of Minnesota
"Highly readable . . . an excellent overview of the status of best practices in the development of effective individual supports for productive, active, self-determined daily lives."
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Note to the Reader

  1. Toward Meaningful Daytimes for Adults with Significant Disabilities
    Patricia Rogan and Pamela M. Walker

  2. Preparing for Meaningful Adult Lives Through School and Transition Experiences
    Patricia Rogan, Richard Luecking, and Teresa Grossi

  3. Toward Full Citizenship: New Directions in Employment for People with Significant Disabilities
    Patricia Rogan, Michael Callahan, Cary Griffin, and David Hammis

  4. Creating Inclusive Postsecondary Educational Environments
    Valerie Smith and Pamela M. Walker

  5. Promoting Meaningful Leisure and Social Connections: More than Just Work
    Pamela M. Walker

  6. Advocacy and Systems Change Work
    Pamela M. Walker, Perry Whittico, and Bonnie Shoultz

  7. Promoting a Good Old Age: Strategies for Identifying Interests and Developing Community Connections
    Jennie Todd, Jane Harlan-Simmons, and Pamela M. Walker

  8. Moving from Facility-Based Day Services to Integrated Employment and Community Supports
    Patricia Rogan and Jeffrey L. Strully

  9. Toward Meaningful LIves: A Convergence of Events, Problems, and Possibilities
    David M. Mank & Patricia Rogan

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