Enhancing Attachment and Relationships
Extending the Dance in Infant and Toddler Caregiving
Early Childhood
A guide on care giving that examines the important early relationship between parents, caregivers and teachers and helps to understand the benefits of relationship and attachment.
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2009 224
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Secure attachment between child and parent is one of the most important factors in early learning and development—and for children in infant-toddler programs, teachers are a critical third partner in this relationship dance. That's why child care administrators and educators need this warm and practical program guide.

An in-depth blueprint for promoting attachment and relationships in early childhood settings, this book helps professional caregivers and educators develop sensitive, nurturing relationships with young children. In the process, they'll strengthen parent–child attachment and the supportive relationships among the adults who nurture the children.

With the clear and detailed model in Extending the Dance, readers will

  • establish relationship-based programs that keep teachers and children together throughout the entire program and encourage strong connections between them
  • develop respectful, mutually beneficial partnerships with parents of diverse cultural backgrounds
  • refine teaching practices by carefully observing, documenting, sharing, and reflecting on what happens during the child care day
  • plan comfortable, engaging physical environments indoors and outdoors that create community and excite children's minds
  • ensure that children's individual needs are met by the program's structure and routines
  • promote children's social skills and peer relationships
  • ease transition times and promote continuity by providing sensitive support to children and parents
  • improve professional communication and support among teachers and administrators in a community of learning

To help them establish and maintain a relationship-based early childhood program, administrators and teachers will get concrete guidance on every step of the process, plus inspiration and ideas from successful programs in the United States and around the world.

With this innovative program guide, early childhood educators will be full participants in the dance of early attachment—and promote the healthy emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development of the young children they care for.

See how this product helps strengthen Head Start program quality and school readiness.

About the Authors

  1. The Dances of Infancy: Bringing the Relationship Focus to Infant and Toddler Programs
  2. The First Dance: Foundations of Attachment and Development in the Early Years
  3. An Old Song: Relationship-Based Care in Cultural and Historical Context
  4. Step by Step: Learning the Moves of the Relationship Dance in an Infant and Toddler Program
  5. The Right Foot: Beginnings and Endings
    Carolyn Pope Edwards and Lella Gandini
  6. Now Really Dance: Individualizing, Documenting, and Planning
    Carolyn Pope Edwards and Lella Gandini
  7. A Beautiful Dance Hall: Space and Environments
  8. Staying in Step: Supporting Relationships with Families
  9. Lots of Little Feet: Supporting Peer Relationships
  10. Closing the Circle: Supporting Teachers and Administrators



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: The Midwest Book Review Education Shelf - January 7, 2010
"A fine key to developing nurturing relationships with kids . . . a fine early learning tool."
Laurie Brasile, What's Up Newsletter, Nebraska Early Childhood Training Center - December 8, 2009
". . . a detailed overview of the elements of infant attachment. The writing of this book firmly grounded in child development theory and is most inviting . . . This book promotes ways for parents and teachers to secure that these positive relationships are established."
Harriet Meyer, President, Ounce of Prevention Fund - March 25, 2009
"A crucial tool for understanding the importance of relationships in early learning . . . help[s] to illuminate some of the most important elements of secure attachment and its implications for interventions."
J. Ronald Lally, Co-Director, Center for Child & Family Studies, WestEd - March 24, 2009
"Wisely and beautifully shows how depth, quality, and continuity of relationship with babies makes us better 'dancers.' These authors know where school readiness really begins."
Authors: Helen H. Raikes Ph.D., Carolyn Pope Edwards   Invited Contributor: Lella Gandini