The Language-Focused Curriculum for Preschool
Early Literacy in Action
Early Childhood
Updated curriculum with a friendly way to help enhance language and literacy skills in the early childhood classroom
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Enhance young children's language skills with this proven play-focused preschool curriculum, drawn from more than 20 years of field testing and outcomes! This highly adaptable, flexible program is a practical and significantly expanded follow-up to the bestselling Building a Language Focused Curriculum for the Preschool Classroom.

Teachers will get a year's worth of lessons: 40 weeks of curriculum plans, including weekly themes, dramatic play activities, art, suggested story and song selections, and group lesson plans laid out in a week-by-week format. Detailed information on themes, lesson plans, and teaching strategies allow this program to be effectively implemented by educators at any experience level.

With this proven curriculum—selected by ASHA for the Department of Education as a model program for Early Reading First—preschool educators and SLPs will

  • implement speech and language intervention in the classroom
  • enhance the language skills of all children, including children with language impairments, children from low resource backgrounds, and English language learners
  • ensure quality preschool programming with both the Fidelity Checklist, which helps preschools replicate the program accurately, and the Learning Observation Guide for measuring progress
  • support cognitive, motor, and social skill development

With these activities, field-tested with more than 500 children in public schools and university training programs, preschool teachers and SLPs will be sure they're providing the best language and literacy programming for all children. And because the activities are fun and engaging, they'll get preschoolers excited about learning and improve children's school readiness.

See how this product helps strengthen Head Start program quality and school readiness.

About the Author
Mabel L. Rice

I. Foundations of the Language-Focused Curriculum

  1. General Philosophy of the Language-Focused Curriculum
  2. Curriculum Structure for Naturalistic Learning
  3. Language Intervention in the Language-Focused Curriculum
  4. Research on the Language-Focused Curriculum: Teacher Training and Implementation Fidelity
  5. Laura Justice, Alice K. Wiggins, and Khara L. Pence

  6. Overview of Speech and Language Outcomes and Progress Monitoring
II. Lesson Plans


September Monthly Planning Guide
Week 1 Class Favorites
Week 2 Places in the Community
Week 3 Transportation
Week 4 Occupations
Week 5 Food

October Monthly Planning Guide
Week 6 The Five Senses
Week 7 Vacation
Week 8 All About Fall
Week 9 Places in the Community
Week 10 Halloween

November Monthly Planning Guide
Week 11 Things Big Kids Do
Week 12 All About Animals
Week 13 Taking Care of Ourselves and Our World
Week 14 Homes—Thanksgiving Week
Week 15 Adventure

December Monthly Planning Guide
Week 16 Occupations
Week 17 Seasons
Week 18 Hobbies
Week 19 At the Mall
Week 20 The Elements


January Monthly Planning Guide
Week 21 Places in the Community
Week 22 Seasons
Week 23 Places Animals Live
Week 24 Homes Across the Ages

February Monthly Planning Guide
Week 25 Occupations
Week 26 Friendship/Valentine's Day
Week 27 Weekend Chores
Week 28 Exploring

March Monthly Planning Guide
Week 29 Family Fun
Week 30 Spring
Week 31 Taking Care of Ourselves
Week 32 Vacations

April Monthly Planning Guide
Week 33 Places Around the World
Week 34 The Elements
Week 35 Hobbies
Week 36 Community Helpers

May Monthly Planning Guide
Week 37 The Five Senses
Week 38 Places People Work
Week 39 Things Big Kids Do
Week 40 All About Food

III. Resources

Appendix A Blank Planning Guides and Lesson Plans
Blank Monthly Planning Guide
Blank Weekly Monthly Planning Guide
Blank Daily Planning Guide
Blank Lesson Plans for Dramatic Play, Art, and Group Activities

Appendix B Learning Observation Guide
Bibliography of Children's Books


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: Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch - March 27, 2009

"A must for any serious early education collection."

Doris Penrose, Smooka Bear Childcare Academy, Toledo, Ohio - July 29, 2008

"A well-rounded program that enhances early learners' abilities in the areas of cognitive, social emotional, fine and large motor skills. A much-needed, fundamental advance."

Frank J. McKendall, Executive Director, Stone Soup Child Care Programs - July 25, 2008

"Filled with highly interesting activities for pre-school language and social development. The lesson plan format encourages children to participate."

Marlene Cousens, Reading Specialist, Education Department, Yakima Valley Community College - July 22, 2008

"As a reading specialist I have witnessed the ideas and actions promoted in this dynamic book and seen first-hand how motivating the book is. Thank you for continuing the fire to promote literacy in young children."

Helen Ezell, University of Pittsburgh, co-author, Shared Storybook Reading: Building Young Children's Language and Emergent Literacy Skills - September 11, 2007

"An indispensable resource for all early childhood professionals . . . precisely what young children need to prepare for the literacy demands ahead."

Andrea DeBruin-Parecki, Associate Professor, Early Childhood, Old Dominion University - August 29, 2007

"A nice balance of teacher-led and child-centered activities . . . Implementing these carefully researched materials will positively enhance the literacy instruction and environment of a preschool classroom."