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Dual Language Development & Disorders

Dual Language Development & Disorders

A Handbook on Bilingualism & Second Language Learning, Second Edition
Authors: Johanne Paradis Ph.D., Fred Genesee Ph.D., Martha B. Crago Ph.D.   Foreword Author: Laurence B. Leonard Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-058-8
Pages: 296
Copyright: 2011
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As more and more dual language learners enter the school system, now's the ideal time for this second edition of the bestselling textbook—essential for preparing SLPs and educators to work with young children who are bilingual or learning a second language.

This comprehensive, student-friendly text takes the popular first edition to the next level, enriching it with 6 years of new research and the latest guidance on best practices. Dispelling the many myths about dual language development, the expert authors arm future professionals with the information they need to support young bilingual children and their families, all while meeting Head Start's guidelines on cultural and linguistic responsiveness. Preservice professionals will get a solid foundation of knowledge to help them

  • address reading impairments in dual language learners (NEW CHAPTER!)
  • minimize barriers to language development in internationally adopted children (NEW CHAPTER!)
  • give children continuous, consistent, and rich exposure to both languages
  • recognize the typical stages of second-language learning
  • determine when a language delay is the result of an actual disorder
  • prevent attrition of the child's first language
  • make appropriate decisions about the schooling of dual language learners
  • understand code mixing and successfully factor it into language assessments
  • apply effective assessment strategies to accurately diagnose language impairments
  • plan interventions that are culturally appropriate and respect the child's identity
  • address parents' concerns and help them support their child's development in both languages

Undergraduate and graduate students will also benefit from detailed profiles of dual language learners, definitions of key terms, and summary sections that juxtapose key points with their implications for effective practice.

With the clear information in this state-of-the-art textbook—also a valuable resource for in-practice SLPs and educators—professionals will be ready to make informed decisions that help young dual language learners thrive, both at home and in the classroom.

Dual Language Development & Disorders is a part of the Communication and Language Intervention Series

See how this product helps strengthen Head Start program quality and school readiness.

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Review: The Midwest Book Review - California Bookwatch
"From making decisions on schooling options to applying assessment strategies to diagnose language issues, this is packed with real-world answers to common problems."
Review by: Brian A. Goldstein, Temple University
"A rare broad and deep treatment of the myriad issues surrounding language and literacy development and disorders in bilingual children . . . an indispensable resource."
Review by: Geva Eshter, Professor, Chair, Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
"Balanced and useful . . . synthesize[s] in an accessible, well-informed, and practical manner what is known about typical and impaired bilingual and second language learning in children."
Review by: Jeff MacSwan, Arizona State University
"[The authors] expertly review and integrate current research on bilingual language development . . . informing the critical perceptions and decisions of SLPs and educators working with a wide variety of bilingual child profiles."

Series Preface
Editorial Advisory Board
About the Authors
Foreword Laurence B. Leonard

Section I: Foundations

  1. Introduction

  2. The Language–Culture Connection

  3. The Language–Cognition Connection

Section II: Understanding Bilingual and Second Language Development

  1. Language Development in Simultaneous Bilingual Children

  2. Code-Mixing in Bilingual Development

  3. Second Language Development in Children

  4. Language Development in Internationally Adopted Children

  5. Schooling in a Second Language

Section III: Dual Language and Disorders

  1. Language Impairment in Dual Language Children

  2. Reading Impairment in Dual Language Children