Children with Disabilities, Eighth Edition
Special Education

This authoritative resource is in its eighth edition, enhanced with new chapters on critical topics, the latest evidence-based practices, updated instructor materials, and guidance on working with a wide range of professionals to address every aspect of child health and well-being.

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Explore what's new in the new edition!

Trusted for four decades by university faculty and relied on by thousands of professionals from diverse fields, Children with Disabilities is the gold-standard text on working effectively with children and families. Now this authoritative resource is in its eighth edition, enhanced with new chapters on critical topics, the latest evidence-based practices, updated instructor materials, and guidance on working with a wide range of professionals to address every aspect of child health and well-being.

Spearheaded by senior editor Mark Batshaw, M.D., Chief Academic Officer at Children's National Health System, this new edition is an unparalleled compendium of information about developmental, clinical, family, education, and intervention issues, from birth through adolescence. Every chapter has been meticulously peer-reviewed, and content has been updated throughout to reflect important new research and developments in diverse fields. Comprehensive coverage of contemporary issues makes this volume an indispensable reference for practicing professionals, and the student-friendly features and multimedia instructor materials make it the ultimate textbook for courses on disability.

A treasury of essential knowledge from a who's who of today's leading experts and innovators, Children with Disabilities is a cornerstone resource that professionals will use year after year to support their important work and ensure that every child and family thrives.

  • Expanded focus on interdisciplinary care, including practical guidance on how professionals from different fields can effectively collaborate
  • New chapters on key topics: sleep disorders, assessment of physical disabilities, the senses, rehabilitative services, interdisciplinary care, the role of medication, and the effect of health care disparities on child outcomes
  • New Evidence-Based Practice boxes throughout the text, for easy review of recent studies and recommended practices
  • Updated nomenclature based on new developments in the field and recommendations from respected organizations

STUDENT-FRIENDLY FEATURES: Students will benefit from chapter overviews, a helpful glossary, case studies that bring key concepts to life, thought questions, a test bank with more than 200 questions for faculty members, resource lists for further reading, and 200+ downloadable illustrations. And with the complete package of multimedia instructor materials, instructors will use this textbook effectively in their courses and prepare students for years of successful practice.

Explore what's new in the new edition!
About the Online Companion Materials
Online Companion Materials for Faculty
About the Editors
A Personal Note to the Reader
Letters from Andrew Batshaw

I As Life Begins
  • 1 The Genetics Underlying Developmental Disabilities
    Mark L. Batshaw, Eyby Leon, and Monisha S. Kisling Genetic Disorders
  • 2 Environmental Exposures
    Shruti N. Tewar
  • 3 Birth Defects and Prenatal Diagnosis
    Rhonda L. Schonberg and Margaret B. Menzel
  • 4 Newborn Screening
    Joan E. Pellegrino
  • 5 Premature and Small-for-Date Infants
    Khodayar Rais-Bahrami and Billie Lou Short

II The Child’s Body: Physiology
  • 6 Fetal Development
    Nickie N. Andescavage
  • 7 The Senses: The World We See, Hear, and Feel
    Louis Pellegrino
  • 8 The Brain and Nervous System
    Joseph Scafidi and Andrea Gropman
  • 9 Muscles, Bones, and Nerves
    Peter B. Kang
  • 10 Nutrition
    Lina Diaz-Calderon, Virginia Gebus, and Laurie S. Conklin

III Developmental Assessment
  • 11 Child Development
    Louis Pellegrino
  • 12 Diagnosing Developmental Disabilities
    Scott M. Myers
  • 13 Neuropsychological Assessment
    Lauren Kenworthy and Laura Gutermuth Anthony

IV Developmental Disabilities
  • 14 Intellectual Disability
    Bruce K. Shapiro and Mark L. Batshaw
  • 15 Down Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome
    Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, Katherine Myers, and Nancy J. Roizen
  • 16 Inborn Errors of Metabolism
    Nicholas Ah Mew, Erin MacLeod, and Mark L. Batshaw
  • 17 Speech and Language Disorders
    Barbara L. Ekelman and Barbara A. Lewis
  • 18 Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Deborah Potvin and Allison B. Ratto
  • 19 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    Marianne M. Glanzman and Neelam Kharod Sell
  • 20 Specific Learning Disabilities
    Robin P. Church and M.E.B. Lewis
  • 21 Cerebral Palsy
    Tara L. Johnson, Eric M. Chin, and Alexander H. Hoon
  • 22 Epilepsy
    Tesfaye Getaneh Zelleke, Dewi Frances T. Depositario-Cabacar, and William Davis Gaillard
  • 23 Acquired Brain Injury
    Sarah Risen, Scott C. Schultz, and Melissa K. Trovato
  • 24 Developmental Disability in Chronic Disease
    Nancy J. Roizen and Catherine Scherer

V Associated Disabilities
  • 25 Visual Impairment
    Heather de Beaufort
  • 26 Deaf/Hard of Hearing Plus
    Susan E. Wiley
  • 27 Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders
    Adelaide S. Robb and Gabrielle Sky Cardwell
  • 28 Sleep Disorders
    Judith Owens and Miriam Weiss
  • 29 Feeding and Its Disorders
    Peggy S. Eicher

VI Interventions
  • 30 Interdisciplinary Education and Practice
    Lewis H. Margolis and Angela McCaffrey Rosenberg
  • 31 Early Intervention Services
    Toby M. Long
  • 32 Rehabilitative Services
    Melissa Fleming, Marisa Birkmeier, Mackenzie Brown, Justin M. Burton, Satvika Garg, and Sarah H. Evans
  • 33 Special Education Services
    Elissa Batshaw Clair
  • 34 Behavioral Therapy
    Henry S. Roane, William E. Sullivan, Brian K. Martens, and Michael E. Kelley
  • 35 Oral Health
    Erik Scheifele, Mitali Y. Patel, Anupama Rao Tate, and H. Barry Waldman
  • 36 Assistive Technology
    Larry W. Desch
  • 37 Family Assistance
    Michaela L. Zajicek-Farber
  • 38 Pharmacological Therapy
    Shogo John Miyagi and Johannes N. van den Anker
  • 39 Complementary Health Approaches
    Thomas D. Challman

VII Outcomes
  • 40 Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood
    Lisa Tuchman and Cara E. Pugliese
  • 41 Medical Home and Health Care Systems
    Renee M. Turchi and Angelo P. Giardino
  • 42 Racial and Ethnic Disparities
    Olanrewaju O. Falusi, Monika Goyal, Elissa Batshaw Clair, Catherine Larsen Coley, Susan Keller, Mary A. Hadley, and Denice Cora-Bramble

Appendix A Glossary
Appendix B Syndromes and Inborn Errors of Metabolism
  • Kara L. Simpson
Appendix C Commonly Used Medications
  • Dimitrios A. Savva, Shogo John Miyagi, and Johannes N. van den Anker
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Michael Wehmeyer, University of Kansas - December 6, 2018
For three decades, Children with Disabilities has set the standard for providing comprehensive, understandable, life-span information about all aspects of disability. [This book] is a ‘must-have’ resource for people who treat, teach, support, and care for and about children with disabilities.
Marci Hanson, Professor Emerita Special Education at San Francisco State University - December 4, 2018
This updated, comprehensive resource remains a ‘must-have’ for professionals and students in the health fields, social sciences, and education. The text is concisely written in a format that is useful for practitioners and reflects an interdisciplinary perspective. This book has always been on my bookshelf and I've recommended it to many colleagues and students throughout the years.
Michael Guralnick, University of Washington - November 29, 2018
The 8th edition of this landmark comprehensive text further underscores why Children With Disabilities has become an essential resource for everyone engaged in the field. This updated and expanded edition continues to provide a superbly organized, clearly written, and authoritative volume employing innovative features to guide the reader through complex topics and recent scientific, clinical, and educational advances.
Robin McWilliam, The University of Alabama - November 27, 2018
With the eighth edition, Children With Disabilities continues to be the one resource you need to understand the topic…[A] veritable encyclopedia in one book.
Volume Editors: Mark L. Batshaw M.D., Nancy J. Roizen M.D., Louis Pellegrino M.D.   Chapter Authors: Virginia W. Berninger Ph.D., Nicholas Ah Mew M.D., Nickie N. Andescavage M.D., Laura Gutermuth Anthony Ph.D., Elizabeth Berry-Kravis M.D., Ph.D., Marisa Birkmeier PT, DPT, PCS, Mackenzie E. Brown DO, Justin M. Burton M.D., Thomas D. Challman M.D., FAAP, Eric M. Chin M.D., Robin P. Church Ed.D., Elissa Batshaw Clair Ed.S., M.Ed., Laurie S. Conklin M.D., Denice Cora-Bramble M.D., M.B.A., Heather De Beaufort M.D., Dewi Frances T. Depositario-Cabacar M.D., Larry W. Desch M.D., Lina Diaz Calderon M.D., Barbara L. Ekelman Ph.D., Sarah H. Evans M.D., Peggy S. Eicher M.D., Olanrewaju O. Falusi M.D., Melissa Fleming M.D., William Davis Gaillard M.D., Satvika Garg Ph.D., Virginia C. Gebus RN, MSN, APN, Angelo P. Giardino M.D., Ph.D., Mary A. Hadley B.S., Tara L. Johnson M.D., Alexander H. Hoon Jr., M.D., Peter B. Kang M.D., Marianne M. Glanzman M.D., Monika Goyal M.D., MSCE, Andrea L. Gropman M.D., Susan Keller B.A., B.S., MLS, Michael E. Kelley Ph.D., Lauren Kenworthy Ph.D., Monisha S. Kisling M.Sc., Catherine Larsen Coley PT, DPT, PCS, Eyby Leon M.D., Barbara A. Lewis M.A., Ph.D., Erin MacLeod Ph.D., R.D., M. E. B. Lewis Ed.D, Toby M. Long Ph.D., PT, Lewis H. Margolis M.D., MPH, Margaret B. Menzel M.S., CGC, Brian K. Martens Ph.D., Scott M. Myers M.D., Shogo John Miyagi M.S., Ph.D., Katherine Myers D.O. M.P.H., Judith Owens M.D., M.P.H., Mitali Y. Patel DDS, Joan E. Pellegrino M.D., Khodayar Rais-Bahrami M.D., Deborah Potvin Ph.D., Cara E. Pugliese Ph.D., Allison B. Ratto Ph.D., Sarah Risen M.D., Henry S. Roane Ph.D., Adelaide Robb M.D., Angela McCaffrey Rosenberg PT, DrPH, BCC, Dimitrios A. Savva PharmD, Joseph Scafidi DO, Erik Scheifele D.M.D., Catherine Scherer D.O., Rhonda L. Schonberg M.S., Gabrielle Sky Cardwell B.A., Neelam Kharod Sell M.D., Scott C. Schultz M.D., Bruce K. Shapiro M.D., Billie Lou Short M.D., Kara L. Simpson M.S., CGC, William E. Sullivan Ph.D., Anupama Rao Tate DMD MPH, Shruti N. Tewar MBBS, MPH, Melissa K. Trovato M.D., Lisa Tuchman M.D., Renee M. Turchi M.D., M.P.H., Johannes N. Van Den Anker M.D., Ph.D.,FCP, H. Barry Waldman DDS, MPH, Ph.D., Miriam Weiss CPNP-PC, Susan E. Wiley M.D., Michaela L. Zajicek-Farber M.S.W., LCSW-C,, Tesfaye Getaneh Zelleke M.D.
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