Clinical Issues and Innovations
Autism Frontiers
Special Education
Newest medical and clinical research on autism, including big issues and best practices, by two top names in autism research.
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2008 256
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Clinicians need the very latest research on all the hot-button topics related to autism—both to work effectively with children and answer their families' most pressing questions. Autism Frontiers is the book no clinician should practice without: it brings together the biggest names in autism research to examine today's most important medical and clinical issues.

This much-needed professional reference gives clinicians in-depth, up-to-date, and readily applicable research and guidance on the topics they'll encounter most: early diagnosis and intervention, language and social reciprocity, overlapping syndromes, complementary and alternative medicine, autism and epilepsy, parent advocacy, and more. Readers will also get

  • a NEW Screening Protocol for Autism—Pasquale Accardo's quick, 14-item tool clinicians can use as a starting point in the screening process
  • tables, sample forms, and checklists to help clinicians identify characteristics of autism, elicit information from parents, record clinical impressions of children, and more
  • the latest from the highly respected experts who conduct the most cutting-edge autism research
  • best practice recommendations that help professionals create consistent "medical homes" for children with special needs
A must for every professional who works with children with autism spectrum disorders in a clinical setting—including physicians, psychologists, OTs, PTs, and SLPs—this essential reference will help readers answer their biggest questions about autism so they can give children the best possible care.

Editors and Contributors
Foreword Mark L. Batshaw

  1. Clinical Overview of the Autism Spectrum
    Bruce K. Shapiro, Deepa U. Menon, and Pasquale J. Accardo

  2. Autism in the Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities
    Thomas M. Lock

  3. Classification Issues in the Milder Developmental Disorders: Asperger Syndrome, the Syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disability, and “Einstein Children”
    Isabelle Rapin

  4. Developmental Regression, Autism, and Epilepsy
    John F. Mantovani

  5. A Neurodevelopmental Perspective on Developmental Language Disorders
    Bruce K. Shapiro

  6. Discourse Skills of Individuals with Higher-Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome
    Janet E. Turner

  7. Autism Spectrum Disorders in the First 3 Years of Life
    Rebecca Landa

  8. Classroom-Based Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Andrew L. Egel

  9. Student, Parent, and Teacher Perspectives on Barriers to and Facilitators of School Success for Children with Asperger Syndrome
    Donald P. Oswald, Martha J. Coutinho, Jesse “Woody” Johnson, Jennifer H. Larson, and Carla A. Mazefsky

  10. Psychopharmacologic Approaches to Challenging Behaviors in Individuals with Autism
    Scott M. Myers

  11. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Autism: Promises Kept?
    Thomas D. Challman

  12. Can Autism Resolve?
    Juhi Pandey, Leandra Wilson, Alyssa Verbalis, and Deborah Fein

  13. Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Conceptualization
    Pasquale J. Accardo



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: Midwest Book Review- California Bookwatch - March 1, 2010
"Packs in tables, clinical tools, a screening protocol and more in a top pick for any autism health library."
: Optometry and Vision Development - September 1, 2009
"Unbiased and straightforward. . . I would recommend that we use the screening protocols noted in the book, so that our patients can receive early and appropriate care."
: Easter Seals blog - July 7, 2009
"Provide[s] an up to date reference guide to the often confusing world related to autism spectrum disorders."
: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders - June 13, 2009
"An invaluable reference tool for medical professionals, providing state of the art information at their fingertips."
Andrew W. Zimmerman, Director of Medical Research, Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Kennedy Krieger Institute; Associate Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - October 1, 2008
"Provides profound clinical insights, depth and breadth of expertise in autism spectrum disorders . . . [The] authors are among the very best in their respective fields and they share their knowledge well."