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Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS®), Second Edition, Curriculum for Birth to Three Years

Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS®), Second Edition, Curriculum for Birth to Three Years

Authors: Diane Bricker Ph.D., Misti Waddell M.S.   With Authors: Betty Capt Ph.D., OTR, JoAnn (JJ) Johnson Ph.D., Kristie Pretti-Frontczak Ph.D., Kristine Slentz Ph.D., Elizabeth Straka Ph.D., CCC-SLP

ISBN: 978-1-55766-564-5
Pages: 512
Copyright: 2002
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Used after the AEPS® Test is completed and scored, this developmentally sequenced curriculum allows professionals to match the child's IFSP/IEP goals and objectives with activity-based interventions—beginning with simple skills and moving on to more advanced skills. Because the AEPS Curriculum for Birth to Three Years uses the same numbering system as the AEPS Test, users can easily locate activities in the curriculum that correspond to specific goals and objectives identified with the test.

Professionals will find:

  • guidelines on designing and implementing intervention
  • specific activity-based instructional sequences for each developmental area
  • teaching considerations and suggestions for each area
  • recommendations for environmental arrangements
  • strategies for incorporating the activities into the child's daily routine

Flexible and easy to use, this age-appropriate curriculum can be tailored to each child's needs and is equally suitable for use in homes, preschools, or child care settings.

This volume is part of the bestselling AEPS system for children from birth to six years who have disabilities or are at risk for developmental delays. Thousands of programs across the country rely on AEPS for comprehensive, seamlessly linked assessment, evaluation, intervention, and programming. AEPS is criterion-referenced and curriculum-based, and with web-based data management through AEPSi™, it's easier than ever to assess young children and ensure that they make real progress.

Learn more about the entire AEPS family of products, including the web-based management system AEPSi.

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Review by: James Van Haneghan, The 18th Mental Measurement Yearbook
"AEPS® is an ambitious project based on 30 years of research and development. Perhaps its greatest strength is that it is a complete system that closes the circle between assessment and intervention processes."
Review: Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
"Provides educators with sample teaching techniques, instructional strategies, environmental arrangement recommendations, and information on how to embed the instruction into the children's daily routines and activities."
Review by: Teresa Brown, Early Childhood Specialist, Euclid City Schools
"AEPS® makes my job easier because it helps me link assessment to intervention and write meaningful IEP goals and objectives."
Review by: Paula Diver, Infant/Toddler Specialist, Futures Unlimited, Inc., Sumner County, KS
"AEPS® works great with children with special needs—you get a wonderful overall picture of the child and can develop goals and objectives that fit the child and the classroom routines."
About the Authors
Introduction to the AEPS® and Volume 3

I. Overview of the AEPS Curriculum: Birth to Three Years
  1. Understanding the AEPS Curriculum
  2. Using the AEPS Curriculum
  3. Designing and Implementing Intervention
II. AEPS Curriculum: Birth to Three Years
  • Fine Motor Area
  • Gross Motor Area
  • Adaptive Area
  • Cognitive Area
  • Social-Communication Area
  • Social Area


Appendix A: Routine Activity Format I: An Activity Targeting Goals/Objectives from Multiple Developmental Areas
Appendix B: Routine Activity Format II: Multiple Activities Targeting Goals/Objectives from One Developmental Area
Appendix C: Planned Intervention Activities


AEPS-OSEP crosswalk
Determining and Corroborating Eligibility Decisions, Revised* (Appendix F from the AEPS Administration Guide)