ASQ® Enterprise Annual Subscription
Early Childhood
Manage all your ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2 data with this user-friendly web-based data management system for programs with multiple sites.
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Manage all your ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2 data with this user-friendly web-based data management system for programs with multiple sites.

Join a live demo to see the system in action.

(Please note in order to use ASQ Enterprise, you must own an original print version of the ASQ-3 and/or ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires that will be managed in the online system.)

With ASQ® Enterprise, you'll get

  • automated scoring—eliminates scoring errors and reduces over- and underreferral
  • automated questionnaire selection, so you choose the right questionnaire every time
  • individual child reports and overall program reports that help you analyze and monitor progress
  • customizable letters for mail-out campaigns and sharing results with parents
  • easy tracking of when children need to be screened again
  • convenient access to activities parents can try at home to encourage child progress

Designed especially for multisite programs, ASQ Enterprise includes aggregate multisite reports that show trends across programs.

ASQ Enterprise is a web-based system accessible anywhere with internet access. Each account may set up an unlimited number of users. With ASQ® Online API, you can transfer screening data, plus child and caregiver profile information, from ASQ Online to another database system, such as an electronic health record.

To help you make a seamless transition to ASQ Enterprise, you’ll get FREE email tech support and three months of FREE tech support by telephone (toll-free; telephone support available to U.S. customers only).

ASQ Enterprise allows you to ensure cost-effective data management with one low-cost annual subscription and convenient annual billing based on screening usage (cost per complete screen: $0.50).

Brookes discounts and/or special offers do not apply to this product.

ASQ Enterprise is part of ASQ®, the bestselling screeners trusted for more than 20 years to pinpoint delays as early as possible during the crucial first 5 years of life. Learn more about the complete ASQ system.


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Smokie Brawley, NC Healthy Social Behaviors Project - January 27, 2021
“The easy data entry, available aggregated reports, and scheduling of tasks and screenings make ASQ Online well worth the investment.”
Mandy Zeschke, Davis Early Intervention - January 27, 2021
“I love the simplicity of ASQ Online … It enables us to easily track screening data in one central location.”
Kelly Friedland, Jackson County ISD - January 27, 2021
“ASQ Online allows us to easily run a wide range of reports that would be cumbersome with paper forms.”
Kathy Furse, Granite School District, Preschool Services - January 27, 2021
“It has helped us more easily share results with families. And, we’ve been able to provide more resources to parents to help them support their children’s development.”
Kali Ottesen, Help Me Grow Utah - January 27, 2021
“A great tool for any agency doing screenings.”
Karen Impson, Adventures in Pediatrics - January 27, 2021
“ASQ Online has freed up office time so that we can talk about results or any other concerns that parents might have.”
Amber Cadman, The Child Garden Grafton, Inc. - January 27, 2021
“It's easy, and it scores the ASQ for you!”
Shannon Ellison, The Collaboration for Early Childhood - September 23, 2015
"ASQ Online has benefitted our organization in that it allows us to share screening data with the various sites which participate in the Collaboration for Early Childhood’s ASQ Online Developmental Screening Project. This means that we are able to access the screening data gathered and with our creation of custom fields, also collect and utilize data about what happens for children and families as a result of screening. Online data management also allows each ASQ Online Developmental Screening Project participating site with a unified way to gather and utilize their data to improve the quality of services provided to children and families, by allowing them to use screening data to inform their curriculum development, thereby creating program services to meet the unique needs of each child."
Amanda Faulkner, Infant Learning Program, Frontier Community Services - August 20, 2013
“Frontier Community Services Infant Learning Program in Soldotna, AK has been utilizing ASQ Online for two years. This has been a fantastic resource for both our Early Intervention program and our families in our rural community. We are excited to begin implementing Family Access to connect with families.”

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