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Belva C. Collins, Ed.D. is Professor and Chair of the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Kentucky, where she serves on the program faculty in the Moderate and Severe Disabilities Program. Dr. Collins began her career as a teacher of students with intellectual disabilities in rural Southwestern Virginia before coming to the University of Kentucky to work as a research assistant on several federally funded grants to validate the use of response prompting strategies in special education. She has continued this line of research throughout her career in higher education and has been successful in guiding the applied research of her students in investigating variations of systematic instruction in classroom and community settings. This work provides the foundation for this text. In addition to disseminating her own scholarly writing, Dr. Collins serves as the executive editor of Rural Special Education Quarterly, the primary publication of the American Council on Rural Special Education.

Belva C. Collins, Ed.D's Books

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  • Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-076-2


    Develop effective alternate assessment based on alternate achievement standards (AA-AAS). With this practical guidebook, K-12 educators will modify assessments and ensure high-quality instruction that leads to better outcomes.

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  • Systematic Instruction for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities

    ISBN: 978-159857-193-6


    With this accessible textbook on systematic instruction-a highly effective teaching approach rooted in applied behavior analysis-future K-12 teachers will discover the best methods for teaching students with moderate and severe disabilities step by step.

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  • Eight Paths to Leadership

    ISBN: 978-1-68125-171-4


    Administrators aren't the only education professionals who can take on leadership roles. Every teacher can be a leader—and this book shows special educators how to choose and navigate their own individual path to educational leadership. For each path to leadership, teachers will get detailed guidelines for success, grounded in up-to-date research and the author's deep understanding of the everyday challenges educators face. Throughout the book, “Voice of a Leader” interview excerpts share nuggets of practical wisdom and show how real teachers evolved and triumphed on diverse paths to leadership.

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