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Charles R. Greenwood, Ph.D.

Charles R. Greenwood, Ph.D. Biography:

Dr. Greenwood is the Director of the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project and Professor of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Kansas. He is a founding author of progress monitoring measures for infants and toddlers and editor of School-Wide Prevention Models: Lessons Learned in Elementary Schools (Guilford Press, 2008). He is co-principal investigator of the Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood (CRTIEC). He has more than 100 publications in peerreviewed journals to his credit. Under his leadership, the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project was awarded the 1996 research award of the Council for Exceptional Children for its contributions to interventions for children with special needs. He was the recipient of the 2009 Higuchi Research Achievement Award in Applied Science at the University of Kansas.

Charles R. Greenwood, Ph.D.'s Books

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  • Reading in the Classroom

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-651-2


    This textbook helps schools choose the best systems for assessing outcomes and pinpointing methods that aren't working — goals that are more important than ever in light of No Child Left Behind's focus on improving school performance and implementing statewide accountability systems.

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  • Evidence-Based Reading Practices for Response to Intervention

    ISBN: 978-1-55766-828-8


    The first and only in–depth research synthesis on Response to Intervention (RTI), this must–read book lays the groundwork for scientifically validated reading programs that reduce overidentification of students in special education and provide the best and earliest help to students who struggle. Filled with contributions by more than 30 experts.

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  • Using IGDIs

    ISBN: 978-1-59857-065-6


    Now there's a how-to manual with complete guidance on using the popular IGDIs to monitor the developmental progress of young children. Perfect for use with response to intervention!

    Paperback $36.95 Qty:
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