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The System of Care Handbook

The System of Care Handbook

Transforming Mental Health Services for Children, Youth, and Families
Volume Editors: Elizabeth A. Stroul, Gary M. Blau Ph.D.   Foreword Authors: Samantha Jo Broderick M.S.W., Ira S. Lourie, Sandra A. Spencer   Chapter Authors: Ignacio David Acevedo-Polakovich Ph.D., M.S., Mary I. Armstrong Ph.D., Karen A. Blase Ph.D., Freda Brashears M.S.W., Eric J. Bruns Ph.D., Joyce L. Burrell M.S., Myrna Carpenter, Joseph J. Cocozza Ph.D., Nicole Deschenes, Timothy P. Dollard M.S., L.P.C.-S., Christina M. Donkervoet M.S.,RN, Albert J. Duchnowski Ph.D., Holly Echo-Hawk M.S., Caraleen M. Fawcett, Sylvia Kay Fisher Ph.D., Robert M. Friedman Ph.D., Stephen A. Gilbertson M.S., Sybil K. Goldman M.S.W., Melanie E. Green, Mario Hernandez Ph.D., Regenia Hicks Ph.D., Sharon Hodges Ph.D., M.B.A., Sarah Hoover, Larke Nahme Huang Ph.D., Barbara Huff, Charles Huffine, Mareasa R. Isaacs Ph.D., M.S.W., Nathaniel Israel Ph.D., Vivian Hopkins Jackson M.S.W., Ph.D., Margaret Jefferson, Bruce Kamradt M.S.W., Patrick J. Kanary, Roxane K. Kaufmann, Sandra Keenan M.Ed., C.A.G.S., Teresa King, Chris Koyanagi, Anya Krivelyova, Krista Kutash Ph.D., Stephanie Lane M.S.W., Brigitte Manteuffel Ph.D., Kenneth J. Martinez Psy.D., Marlene Matarese M.S.W., John Mayo, Jan McCarthy M.S.W., Janet S. McIntyre M.P.A., Trina W. Osher, Kayla Paulson, Marlene Penn M.S.W., Deborah F. Perry Ph.D., Sheila A. Pires MPA, Karabelle A. Pizzigati Ph.D., Frank Rider M.S., Vestena Robbins Ph.D., Maria J. Rodriguez, Knute Rotto M.S.W., Lisa Rubenstein M.H.A., Jacquelyn P. Scales, Jason Schiffman Ph.D., Celia Serkin, Angela Sheehan M.P.A., DeDe Sieler, Kathleen R. Skowyra, Diane L. Sondheimer MSN, MPH, CPNP, Steven Sparks M.S.W., Sandra A. Spencer, Robert L. Stephens Ph.D., M.P.H., Chris Stormann Ph.D., Karen S. Vergon Ph.D., Janet S. Walker Ph.D., Christine Walrath-Greene Ph.D., MHS, Ed K. S. Wang Psy.D., Gwendolyn White M.S.W., Claudia Zundel M.S.W., Hewitt B. "Rusty" Clark Ph.D., BCBA, Joan M. Dodge Ph.D., Ginny Wood

ISBN: 978-1-55766-962-9
Pages: 768
Copyright: 2008
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Address the urgent need for individualized, coordinated mental health care with this book—the only one-stop reference for establishing, evaluating, and improving services and systems of care for children and adolescents with mental health challenges and their families. The new cornerstone of the highly respected Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health series, this comprehensive volume helps administrators, program developers, and clinicians from mental health and partner child-serving systems skillfully navigate every key issue they may encounter on the road to effective service delivery. Weaving all the latest research and best practices into a single accessible handbook, more than 60 expert contributors give readers the in-depth, practical knowledge they need to

  • develop comprehensive, community-based, coordinated systems of care for youth with mental health challenges and their families
  • avoid duplication and fragmentation of services across mental health and other child-serving systems
  • develop individualized care plans for children with complex needs and implement the "wraparound" approach to service delivery
  • incorporate evidence-based practices into systems of care
  • use smart financing strategies that make the most of multiple funding streams
  • ensure the full participation of families and youth in service planning and delivery
  • improve services and care coordination across a variety of systems—schools, child welfare, juvenile justice
  • work effectively with youth and families from diverse backgrounds and communities
  • conduct accurate program evaluation and continuous quality improvement
  • use the best professional development strategies to ensure a skilled and dedicated workforce

Throughout the book, extended case studies of children, youth, families, and successful programs take readers beyond the abstract and reveal in vivid detail how high-quality services can transform the lives of children and youth—from early childhood to their transition to adulthood—as well as their families and caregivers. A must-own compendium of knowledge for anyone involved in shaping the future of mental health services, this book is the new blueprint for systems of care that truly respond to the needs of children, youth and families.

Learn more about the Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health series.

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Review by: Michael F. Elwell, Director, Children's Services Administration Division, Broward County Board of County Commissioners, Broward County, Florida
"By far the most comprehensive document for those communities beginning the transformation to a System of Care."
Review by: Amelia Petrila, Director, Public Policy and Advocacy, Children's Board of Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida
"An indispensable how-to compendium . . . offers wisdom and practical suggestions that will make the challenging work of systems change more understandable."
Review by: Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady and Chair, The Carter Center Mental Health Task Force
"We know that comprehensive, community-based, coordinated care is the gold standard for children, youth, and families. This handbook provides a practical guide for how to implement quality mental health services in communities across the nation."
Review by: David Satcher, 16th Surgeon General of the United States
"As Surgeon General of the United States, I identified the unmet need for children's mental health services as a public health crisis. This excellent handbook provides comprehensive information that begins to address this crisis and build systems of care for children's mental health."
Review by: The Honorable Tommy G. Thompson, Former Secretary, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services
"As Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, our department, through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration under the leadership of Charley Curie, invested significant resources in the development of systems of care in communities. This book will help ensure that quality mental health services are provided to children, youth, and families across America."
Review by: David Shern, President and CEO, Mental Health America
"We face daunting and persistent challenges in designing effective service systems for children with mental health needs. This volume comprehensively summarizes our experiences with systems of care for children's mental health, providing a 'hands on' perspective on the most vexing and important challenges in designing services that work. We must capitalize on these insights to finish the job of transforming our service systems. Lost opportunities translate to lost lives. One more is too many."
Review by: Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO, National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
"Our mission is to keep kids at home, in school and out of trouble. The System of Care Handbook gives the leaders and staff of behavioral health organizations tools to help accomplish our mission. The case studies inspire us, while the programs and services described in the handbook offer interventions for effectively treating and supporting children and their families. Well done and much needed!"
Series Preface
Editorial Advisory Board
About the Editors
About the Contributors
Foreword: The Fantastic Voyage Ira S. Lourie, M.D.
Foreword: Finding a Balance in Systems of Care Samantha Jo Broderick, M.S.W.
Foreword: Family-Driven Systems of Care Sandra A. Spencer

I. Overview
  1. Systems of Care: A Strategy to Transform Children’s Mental Health Care
    Beth A. Stroul, Gary M. Blau, and Diane L. Sondheimer

  2. Evaluation Results and Systems of Care: A Review
    Brigitte Manteuffel, Robert L. Stephens, Freda Brashears, Anna Krivelyova, and Sylvia Kay Fisher

  3. Integrating the Components into an Effective System of Care: A Framework for Putting the Pieces Together
    Sharon Hodges, Robert M. Friedman, and Mario Hernandez

II. Building Systems of Care
  1. Building Systems of Care: Critical Processes and Structures
    Sheila A. Pires

  2. Individualized Services in Systems of Care: The Wraparound Process
    Janet S. Walker, Eric J. Bruns, and Marlene Penn

  3. Implementing Evidence-Based Practices within Systems of Care
    Christine Walrath, Karen A. Blase, and Patrick J. Kanary

  4. Financing Strategies for Systems of Care
    Sheila A. Pires, Beth A. Stroul, Mary Armstrong, Jan McCarthy, Karabelle A. Pizzigati, Ginny Wood, and Holly Echo-Hawk

  5. Sustaining Systems of Care
    Beth A. Stroul and Brigette Manteuffel

III. Recommended Practice Examples: The System Level
  1. Partnerships with Families for Family-Driven Systems of Care
    Trina W. Osher, Marlene Penn, and Sandra A. Spencer

  2. Partnerships with Youth for Youth-Guided Systems of Care
    Marlene Matarese, Myrna Carpenter, Charles Huffine, Stephanie Lane, and Kayla Paulson

  3. Cultural and Linguistic Competence and Eliminating Disparities
    Mareasa R. Isaacs, Vivian Hopkins Jackson, Regenia Hicks, and Ed K.S. Wang

  4. Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement
    Angela Sheehan, Brigitte Manteuffel, Chris Stormann, and Teresa King

  5. Monitoring Fidelity to System of Care Principles in Service Delivery
    Mario Hernandez, Keren S. Vergon, and John Mayo
  6. Social Marketing
    Maria J. Rodriguez, Lisa Rubenstein, and Barbara Huff

IV. Recommended Practice Examples: The Service Delivery Level
  1. Strengths-Based, Individualized Services in Systems of Care
    Knute Rotto, Janet S. McIntyre, and Celia Serkin

  2. Improving Services Through Evidence-Based Practice Elements
    Jason Schiffman and Christina M. Donkervoet

  3. Services for High-Risk Populations in Systems of Care
    Bruce Kamradt, Stephen A. Gilbertson, and Margaret Jefferson

  4. Services for Young Children and Their Families in Systems of Care
    Deborah F. Perry, Roxanne K. Kaufmann, Sarah Hoover, and Claudia Zundel

  5. Services for Youth in Transition to Adulthood in Systems of Care
    Hewitt B. “Rusty” Clark, Nicole Deschênes, DeDe Sieler, Melanie Green, Gwendolyn White, and Diane L. Sondheimer

  6. School-Based Mental Health Services in Systems of Care
    Krista Kutash, Albert J. Duchnowski, Vestena Robbins, and Sandra Keenan

  7. Services for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System in Systems of Care
    Joseph J. Cocozza, Kathleen R. Skowyra, Joyce L. Burrell, Timothy P. Dollard, and Jacqueline P. Scales

  8. Services for Youth in the Child Welfare System and Their Families in Systems of Care
    Jan McCarthy, Frank Rider, Caraleen M. Fawcett, and Steve Sparks

  9. Services for Youth and Their Families in Culturally Diverse Communities
    Mareasa R. Isaacs, Larke Nahme Huang, Mario Hernandez, Holly Echo-Hawk, Ignacio David Acevedo-Polakovich, and Ken Martinez

V. Future Directions for Systems of Care
  1. Workforce Implications: Issues and Strategies for Workforce Development
    Joan M. Dodge and Larke Nahme Huang

  2. Policy Implications: New Directions in Child and Adolescent Mental Health
    Sybil K. Goldman, Beth A. Stroul, Larke Nahme Huang, and Chris Koyanagi

  3. Research and Evaluation Implications: Using Research and Evaluation to Strengthen Systems of Care
    Robert M. Friedman and Nathaniel Israel


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