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Neurogenetic Syndromes

Neurogenetic Syndromes

Behavioral Issues and Their Treatment
Volume Editors: Bruce K. Shapiro M.D., Pasquale J. Accardo   Chapter Authors: Pasquale J. Accardo, Mary K. Boyle, George T. Capone, Mary E. Caruso-Anderson Ph.D., Lisa T. Emrick, Carl Feinstein, Richard B. Ferrell, Gene S. Fisch Ph.D., Andrea L. Gropman M.D., Louis P. Hagopian Ph.D., James C. Harris, Margie L. Jaworski, Angela E. John, Walter E. Kaufmann, Piyadasa W. Kodituwakku Ph.D., Carolyn B. Mervis Ph.D., Theodesia R. Paclawskyj Ph.D., BCBA, Sarah Risen, Bruce K. Shapiro M.D., Ann C.M. Smith, Peter Szatmari, Travis Thompson Ph.D., Janet E. Turner Ph.D., Shivani Verma

ISBN: 978-1-59857-017-5
Pages: 328
Copyright: 2010
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An essential pediatrics textbook and professional reference, this cutting-edge volume sheds new light on neurogenetic syndromes using a promising clinical perspective: examining behavioral and psychological phenotypes, with a strong focus on the influence of genetics. Linking science with practice like no other current text on this topic, this comprehensive book combines the latest research of two dozen leading experts and shows how these advances in knowledge apply to treatment and therapy.

Clinicians who work with children of all ages will fully explore

  • behavioral phenotypes of established syndromes, such as Down syndrome, Smith Magenis syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and Williams syndrome
  • the relationship between brain development and cognitive ability as children grow older
  • functional behavioral assessment and its critical role in helping resolve behavior challenges
  • the distinctive social traits of specific genetically based syndromes
  • psychiatric diagnosis in individuals with neurogenetic syndromes
  • speech-language therapy for children with social, emotional, and behavioral disorders
  • pharmacological management of behavioral disturbance in intellectual disability
  • new genetic techniques and technologies that help advance our understanding of neurogenetic syndromes
This groundbreaking volume is a must for pediatricians, psychologists, pediatric neurologists, nurses, researchers, and SLPs, OTs, and PTs in clinical settings. Pre- and in-service professionals will get the foundation of current, in-depth knowledge they need to evaluate and address neurobehavioral disorders—and help ensure better outcomes for children of all ages.
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Review: Journal of Genetic Counseling
"Drs. Shapiro and Accardo have struck a fine balance in developing this book. Practitioners of genetics, psychiatry, pediatrics, or basic science will each find enough familiar ground to feel comfortable reading this book."
Review: Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities
Do not use review
Review: American Journal of Psychiatry
"An outstanding book for both clinicians and researchers."
Review: ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists
"Informative and enjoyable…Packed with relevant information."
Review: Book News, Inc.
Review by: Scott Myers, Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician, Janet Weis Children's Hospital, Geisinger Health System
"Highly recommended . . . unique in its coverage of the theory and science of behavioral, cognitive, and social phenotypes as well as practical clinical information to guide diagnosis and treatment."
Review by: Ursula Bellugi, Professor and Director, The Lab for Cognitive Neuroscience, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA
"A very important book which fills an immense void in the literature and is a must-read for those in the field and beyond . . . Strongly recommended."
Review by: Paul Lipkin, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Center for Development and Learning, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
"An important tool for the clinician seeking to expand knowledge on the treatment of genetic syndromes, while broadening the understanding of the links and interactions between the human genome and behavior."
Review by: Mark Batshaw, Chief Academic Officer, Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC
"Shines an important light on the developing knowledge of the interplay between genes and environment in affecting behavior and how this understanding can lead to new approaches to treatment."
Editors and Contributors

I: Neurogenetic Syndromes

  1. Behavioral Phenotypes: Recent Advances
    James C. Harris
  2. Smith-Magenis Syndrome: A Neurobehavioral Syndrome with Genetic Underpinnings
    Andrea L. Gropman & Ann C.M. Smith
  3. Fragile X: Expansion of a Genetic Disorder
    Walter E. Kaufmann
  4. Behavioral Phenotypes in Down Syndrome: A Probabilistic Model
    George T. Capone
  5. Autism and Prader-Willi Syndrome: Searching for Shared Endophenotypes
    Travis Thompson
  6. Williams Syndrome: Psychological Characteristics
    Carolyn B. Mervis & Angela E. John
  7. Developmental Influences on Psychological Phenotypes
    Gene S. Fisch
  8. Is There a Behavioral Phenotype in Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders?
    Piyadasa W. Kodituwakku

II: Treatment of Neurogenetic Syndromes

  1. Functional Behavioral Assessment: Its Value in the Treatment of Maladaptive Behaviors in Individuals with Neurogenetic Syndromes
    Theodosia R. Paclawskyj
  2. Psychiatric Diagnosis in Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disability
    Richard B. Ferrell
  3. Speech Language Therapy for Children with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders
    Janet E. Turner & Mary K. Boyle
  4. A Clinical Approach to the Pharmacological Management of Behavioral Disturbance in Intellectual Disability
    Sarah Risen, Pasquale J. Accardo, & Bruce K. Shapiro
  5. Integrating Behavioral and Pharmacological Interventions for Severe Problem Behavior Displayed by Children with Neurogenetic and Developmental Disorders
    Louis P. Hagopian & Mary E. Caruso-Anderson

III. Future Implications

  1. New Genetic Techniques: Implications for Neurobehavioral Syndromes
    Lisa T. Emrick
  2. Genetically Informative Phenotypes: Opportunities for Progress and Potential Pitfalls
    Peter Szatmari
  3. Social Phenotypes in Genetically Based Neurodevelopmental Disorders
    Carl Feinstein & Shivani Verma
  4. Behavioral Phenotypes: Nature versus Nurture Revisited
    Pasquale J. Accardo & Margie L. Jaworski


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