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KidConnect App

KidConnect App

Authors: Lori Jackson, Steven T. Peck

Copyright: 2015
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An app developed by The Connections Model, LLC

Want to help children with behavior issues manage their own challenges—without any need to leave the classroom for intervention? Now there's an app for that. With the iPad-based KidConnect™, designed by a special educator and a school psychologist, it's easy to provide instant, specific interventions that help students with autism and other behavior issues solve their problems and improve emotional regulation.

KidConnect is easy to set up: you'll create a student record, including classes, typical behaviors, and preferred rewards. Then, immediately following an undesired behavior, give the student access to the app. They enter some basic information about what happened and why, and KidConnect delivers customized strategies (e.g., get a drink of water, squeeze a fidget toy, take a short break). Independently or with adult guidance, the student can try the strategies, and then return to their activity having managed the behavior and learned helpful coping mechanisms they can use in the future. An ideal way to bridge the gap between the therapy room and the classroom, this app is the key to helping students own their behavior challenges and work proactively to solve them.

Why Use KidConnect?
  • Reduces lost learning time by keeping kids in the classroom for behavior intervention
  • Uses highly effective cognitive behavioral therapy principles
  • Allows students to learn in the moment while the issue is fresh in their minds (captures video and photos for real-time self-reflection)
  • Encourages independence—app can be used with minimum adult assistance
  • Helps kids identify and explore feelings with support from unique animated characters
  • Adapts to students' specific needs with fully customizable behaviors and strategies
  • Promotes generalization of new coping skills
  • Simple for any teacher to set up and use
  • Integrates with behavior plans and IEPs—helps you track and monitor student data over time and easily share progress with parents

KidConnect works! Students using KidConnect have increased their time spent in academic classes and are generalizing learned strategies across a range of academic settings.

Prices starting at 11.99; visit the Apple App Store for details.

KidConnect is a trademark of The Connections Model, LLC.

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Review by: Nicole Eredics, Inclusive Education Consultant, The Inclusive Class
“Ideal for any classroom, the KidConnect app is for students with autism and other complex needs. It works in real–time to support self–regulation skills and behavior challenges, which leaves more time for learning. At the same time, educators can easily track, record and communicate student progress. A win for everyone!”

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