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InferCabulary™ 3

InferCabulary™ 3

Authors: Deena Seifert, Beth Lawrence

Copyright: 2016
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What's the best way to teach core curriculum vocabulary words to struggling learners? Most vocabulary apps and programs stick to the traditional method: using language to teach students who struggle with language. Break the mold—and supercharge your students' vocabulary skills—with InferCabulary! This innovative iPad app uses multisensory strategies (multiple visual images and audio) to help students infer the meaning of key Tier Two vocabulary words they need for academic success. An independent study at the University of Virginia shows that InferCabulary works: in a study of 75 fifth graders, students who used InferCabulary over typical methods of vocabulary instruction scored far better (large to extra-large statistical differences on weekly quizzes) in their word recognition, reading comprehension, and ability to identify images that correspond with new words.


On the iPad screen, students are shown five photos that illustrate various contexts for each vocabulary word. They compare and contrast the photos and further their understanding with written and audio captions. After actively engaging with the word in multiple ways, students use their semantic reasoning to offer their own definition. Then the app provides an official definition of the word to help them anchor their understanding of the concept.


A must-have app for educators and SLPs, InferCabulary:

  • Teaches students nuanced understanding of key vocabulary words they need to engage with academic texts and succeed in school
  • Uses unique multisensory methods—unmatched by any other app or program—to teach vocabulary more effectively
  • Was developed by pioneers in semantic reasoning—one of today's hottest topics in the SLP community
  • Can be used in a variety of settings: one-on-one, small group, whole class, and independently


Each age-specific version of InferCabulary features 100 Tier Two vocabulary words taken from key texts widely used with students in that grade range.

InferCabulary 1: Elementary school (Grades 2–4). Features vocabulary words from multiple Core Curriculum workbooks used with elementary school students.

InferCabulary 2: Middle school (Grades 5–8). Features Tier Two vocabulary words from The Hobbit and Number the Stars.

InferCabulary 3: High school (Grades 9–12). Features Tier Two vocabulary words from Of Mice and Men and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Want to sample the app? Download InferCabulary Lite, and preview 10 sample Tier Two vocabulary words taken from The Hobbit and Number the Stars.

Available now at the Apple app store:

InferCabulary™ 1 $19.99

InferCabulary™ 2 $19.99

InferCabulary™ 3 $19.99

InferCabulary™ Lite: $0.99

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By Seifert, Deena

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