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From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks

From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks

100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction in K-12 Inclusive Classrooms
Authors: Paula Kluth Ph.D., Sheila Danaher M.S.Ed.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-080-9
Pages: 296
Copyright: 2010
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Differentiated instruction engages students of all abilities as active learners, decision-makers, and problem solvers—making educational experiences more meaningful for all. This one-of-a-kind book proves that designing differentiated instruction can be simple and fun! Packed with creative adaptation ideas like fidget bags, doodle notes, and choice boards, this book gives K-12 educators 100 teacher-designed, kid-tested strategies they can use to meet the needs of all students in inclusive classrooms.

Ideal for helping students who need extra support, scaffolding, reminders, organization, or enrichment, this book gives general and special educators

  • Easy adaptations in 10 key areas: organization; environment and sensory; technology; communication and participation; behavior and motivation; teaching and learning; literacy; math; study and review; and assessment
  • A user-friendly layout with a description, materials list, directions, an example, references, and vendors for every entry
  • Full-color illustrations of each strategy
  • Practical advice from expert educators
  • Lists of resources and references to back up every entry

These ready-to-use, research-based adaptations enhance motivation and improve achievement for all children—including English-language learners and students with autism, emotional disabilities, cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities and other special needs. Everyone in the classroom will benefit from this timely, ultra-practical guidebook—the go-to resource for any teacher who has ever had a doubt that differentiated instruction can be simple and fun!

Adapations in 10 key areas of student need:

  • Organization
  • environment and sensory
  • technology
  • communication and participation
  • behavior and motivation
  • teaching and learning
  • literacy
  • math
  • study and review
  • assessment
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Review: Midwest Book Review - California Bookwatch
"Highly recommended for any education library seeking keys on differentiated instruction."
Review by: Mary Forde, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Greenwich CT Public Schools
"Like a travelogue to all of the best classrooms in the country . . . [a book]not about eduspeak and jargon, but about practical strategies that can be used in a variety of classes, with a range of students."
Review by: Rachel Janney, Inclusive School Works, Blacksburg, Virginia
"A treasure trove of strategies for making any classroom more inclusive. Differentiating instruction has never seemed easier—or more fun!"
Review by: Robi M. Kronberg, Educational Consultant, Littleton, Colorado
"Will be tremendously helpful to educators who are desirous of helping diverse learners achieve academic success."
Review by: Richard A. Villa, President, Bayridge Consortium Inc. San Diego, California
"Every educational practitioner will want to have this valuable resource as a part of their library. It is filled with helpful, fun, practical, and innovative strategies that will support diverse learners in mixed-ability classrooms."
Review by: June Downing, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Northridge
"Showcases one great idea after another in a very clear, easy to read format. Teachers will find this a truly clever and readily usable tool to support a wide range of students."
Review by: Helen T. Dainty, Assistant Professor, Tennessee Tech University
"A plethora of activities for all students in inclusive settings. This compilation of ideas is a great resource for teachers and I am considering using it as a supplemental text for a methods course for pre-service teachers."

About the Authors


  1. Homework Binder
  2. Adapted Agenda
  3. Assignment Checklists
  4. "IRS" Questions
  5. Desk Map
  6. Illustrated School Map
  7. Stay-Put Stations
  8. Color-Coded Supplies
  9. Luggage Tag Reminders
  10. Sticky-Tape Guides

Environment & Sensory

  1. Seating Supports
  2. Tennis Ball Soundproofing
  3. Study Carrels
  4. Lighting Supports
  5. Sensory Box
  6. Fidget Bag
  7. Desktop Cheat Sheet
  8. Visual Rules
  9. Classroom Labels
  10. Picture and Object Daily Schedules


  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Curriculum Commercials
  3. PowerPoint Books
  4. Keychain Tutor
  5. Adapted Keyboard
  6. Audio Notepad
  7. Video Modeling
  8. Teacher Radio
  9. PowerPoint Notes
  10. Audio Books

Communication & Participation

  1. Personal Portfolio
  2. Question Jar
  3. Talking Spinner
  4. Remnant Books
  5. Art Options Box
  6. Rubber Stamps
  7. Sticky Words and Phrases
  8. Writing without a Pencil
  9. Content-Specific Communication Board
  10. Talking Sticks

Behavior & Motivation

  1. Student Surveys
  2. See-Me-Strong book
  3. Cue Cards
  4. Partner Puzzles
  5. Peer Tutor Scripts
  6. Power Cards
  7. Doodle Notes
  8. Safe Space
  9. Laptop Lectures
  10. First/Then Board

Teaching & Learning

  1. Adapted Worksheets
  2. Curriculum Stickers
  3. Hello! My Name Is __________
  4. Whole-Class Response Cards
  5. Pocket Sorts
  6. Match Games
  7. Loop Games
  8. Adapted Board Games
  9. "Choose and Learn" Box
  10. Coloring Book Creations


  1. Adapted Books
  2. Personal Word Walls
  3. Picture Directions
  4. Story Kits
  5. Collaborative Writing Notebook
  6. Writing Tool Box
  7. Word Attack Pack
  8. "Your Turn" Scripts
  9. Comprehension Sticky Notes
  10. Study Support Sentence Factories


  1. Math Helper
  2. Tactile Numbers
  3. Manipulatives Box
  4. Math in Sight
  5. Coded & Cued Assignments
  6. Math Communication Board
  7. Human Calculator
  8. Math Snapshots
  9. Adapted Ruler
  10. Preprinted Notebook

Study & Review

  1. Human Billboard
  2. Personal Dictionary
  3. Beach Ball Review
  4. Guided Notes
  5. Pocket Cards
  6. Walk-It-to-Know-It
  7. Match Books
  8. Card Game Curriculum Review
  9. Graphic Organizers
  10. Graffiti Recall


  1. Adapted Standards
  2. Adapted Tests
  3. Crib Sheets
  4. Data Forms
  5. Portfolios
  6. Audio/Video Assessment
  7. Sticky Note Record Book
  8. Strengths & Strategies Profile
  9. Luck-of-the-Draw Jar
  10. Exit Cards

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