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Eight Paths to Leadership

Eight Paths to Leadership New

A Guide for Special Educators
Author: Belva C. Collins

ISBN: 978-1-68125-171-4
Pages: 184
Copyright: 2018
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Administrators aren't the only education professionals who can take on leadership roles. Every teacher can be a leader—and this book shows special educators how to choose and navigate their own individual path to educational leadership.

Author Belva Collins, a seasoned educator herself, knows that many special education teachers are called on as “leaders by default” when colleagues turn to them for expertise. In this empowering professional development resource, she shows special educators how to pursue more intentional leadership roles so they can maximize their impact in preK–12 schools. Preservice and in-service teachers will discover eight different paths they can follow to become leaders:
  1. Making data-based decisions and conducting classroom research
  2. Effecting schoolwide change
  3. Mentoring other teachers and paraprofessionals
  4. Conducting professional development and consultations
  5. Working effectively with families
  6. Supporting students during transitions
  7. Advocating for students
  8. Connecting with professional organizations that address disability-related concerns

For each path to leadership, teachers will get detailed guidelines for success, grounded in up-to-date research and the author's deep understanding of the everyday challenges educators face. Throughout the book, “Voice of a Leader” interview excerpts share nuggets of practical wisdom and show how real teachers evolved and triumphed on diverse paths to leadership.

Based on the successful teacher leadership course Dr. Collins developed at the University of Kentucky, this forward-thinking book will prepare special educators to make a powerful difference in schools, communities, and the lives of their students.

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Chapters include learning objectives, definitions of key terms, thought-provoking reflection questions, interview excerpts, and follow-up activities to help teachers delve deeper into each leadership path. Full transcripts of interviews with eight teacher leaders are available online.

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Review by: Katharine Shepherd, College of Education and Social Services, University of Vermont
Eight Paths to Leadership provides a fresh look at the multiple ways special education teachers can expand their roles to become tomorrow's leaders. This book is a call-to-action and a ‘must-read’ for higher education faculty and special educators who want to make a difference in the field.
Review by: J. Matt Jameson, University of Utah
As evidence accumulates that leadership is essential for the successful implementation of EBPs in educational settings there is a corresponding need for practical and useful tools to help special education teachers become actively engaged classroom, school, district, state, and national level leaders and advocates. Embedded into an overview of best practices for students with intellectual disabilities. Dr. Collins' framework for pathways into educational leadership should be required content for graduate level programs in special education.
Review by: Robert Pennington, University of Louisville
Collins' book gets right at the heart of what it means to be a leader in special education. She has operationalized leadership in a way that is accessible and achievable by every practitioner seeking to increase their impact on students, colleagues, and the field of special education.
Review by: Melinda Ault, University of Kentucky
Collins presents a much-needed practical resource to assist teachers in building their leadership potential within their own classrooms and schools and expanding their leadership into their states, regions, and the nation.
Review by: Harvey Rude, Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Colorado, Director, Colorado Center for Rural Education
I was impressed with the practical collection of strategies and tools for teacher leaders who work in the field of special education found in Eight Paths to Leadership. Dr. Belva Collins has compiled a masterful collection of evidence-based and practically applied approaches to support the major roles of special education teacher consultants/leaders, regardless of organizational size or scope.
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  1. Make Data-Based Decisions
  2. Effect Schoolwide Change
  3. Mentor Others
  4. Conduct Professional Development and Consultations
  5. Work Effectively With Families
  6. Support Students During Transitions
  7. Advocate for Students
  8. Connect With Disability-Related Organizations

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