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Early Social-Emotional Development

Early Social-Emotional Development Coming Soon

Your Guide to Promoting Children's Positive Behavior
Author: Nicole M. Edwards Ph.D.   Foreword Author: Susanne Denham Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-68125-192-9
Pages: 192
Copyright: 2017
not yet published
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With expulsion rates three times higher in pre-K classrooms than in K–12 classrooms*, behavior is one of the biggest and most pressing challenges faced by early childhood educators and providers. Find research-based guidance and strategies in this book, an essential resource for professionals working with children from birth–5.

You'll start with a comprehensive, reader-friendly overview of early growth and learning across developmental domains, with special emphasis on the components of emotional development and the environmental factors that influence it. Then you'll learn the guiding principles for nurturing social emotional development, aligned with the positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) framework and the Pyramid Model. Concrete examples of specific, research based strategies help you put the principles into action and improve child outcomes in both center- and home-based settings.

A keystone of professional preparation for both preservice and in-service early childhood providers, this book will help you work effectively with children, families, and colleagues to foster social emotional growth in the critical early years.

  • apply evidence-based universal prevention strategies to proactively support social-emotional growth
  • collect data and use tailored secondary behavior strategies with children who have more intensive challenges
  • collaborate with families and share concerns sensitively
  • overcome roadblocks to PBIS through team communication and consistency
  • encourage mindfulness in yourself and parental caregivers
  • ensure that providers, caregivers, agencies, and other stakeholders work together and share accountability
  • engage in ongoing reflection to improve your self-efficacy and confidence

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Sample scenarios that show you how to apply strategies, textboxes on collaborating with families, quotes from parents and educators, reflection questions, supplemental exercises, and access to a sampling of useful web-based resources

*Gilliam, W. S. (2005). Prekindergarteners left behind: Expulsion rates in state prekindergarten systems. New York: Foundation for Child Development.
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About the Author
Section I: Overview: Early Social-Emotional Development and Intervention
  Chapter 1: The Impact of Early Social-Emotional Development
  Chapter 2: Environmental Influences and the Educator’s Role
Section II: Supporting Social-Emotional Growth
  Chapter 3: Guiding Principles
  Chapter 4: Strategies Supporting Social-Emotional Growth
Section III: We Can’t Do It Alone: Anticipating and Overcoming Obstacles
  Chapter 5: Roadblocks to Implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  Chapter 6: Effective Family–Provider Communication
  Chapter 7: Next Steps
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