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Antecedent Assessment and Intervention

Antecedent Assessment and Intervention

Supporting Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Community Settings
Volume Editor: James K. Luiselli   Invited Contributors: Angela Becker RN, Wendy K. Berg, Helen I. Cannella Ph.D., James E. Carr Ph.D., Robin S. Codding Ph.D., Glen Dunlap Ph.D., Patrick C. Friman Ph.D., ABPP, Carolyn W. Green, Jay W. Harding, Renee O. Hawkins Ph.D., Craig H. Kennedy Ph.D., Giulio Lancioni Ph.D., Linda A. LeBlanc Ph.D., Dorothea C. Lerman Ph.D., Kristen McAleavey Ph.D., Raymond G. Miltenberger Ph.D., Mark F. O'Reilly Ph.D., Gary M. Pace Ph.D., BCBA, John T. Rapp Ph.D., Dennis H. Reid Ph.D., Joseph N. Ricciardi Psy.D., ABPP, Mohamed Sabaawi, Jeff Sigafoos Ph.D., Judy Singh Ph.D., Nirbhay N. Singh Ph.D., Jeffrey J. Skowron Ph.D., Natalie G. Sokol M.Ed., David P. Wacker Ph.D., Robert G. Wahler Ph.D., Alan S. Winton Ph.D.   Author: Lee Kern

ISBN: 978-1-55766-849-3
Pages: 336
Copyright: 2006
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Challenging behavior is a significant barrier to communication, education, and positive social relationships. This practical book helps psychologists, educators, rehabilitation specialists, and other professionals recognize and address the causes of these problems in individuals with developmental disabilities — and resolve even the most difficult behavior challenges. Incorporating the latest research on this innovative antecedent intervention approach, this update of 1998's Antecedent Control gives readers

  • detailed new guidelines on using the approach with children and adults
  • fresh case studies that illustrate best practices
  • contributions from more pioneering experts (80% of the contributors are new to this edition)

With this solid combination of theory, research, and practical application, readers will be ready to identify the triggers of challenging behavior and address them before they become a problem.

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Review by: Rob Horner
"Brings together an outstanding group of researchers and clinicians. Of particular value is the care with which the chapters frame current conceptual theory and integrate current research in clinical applications."

I: Introduction

  1. The Evolution of Antecedent-Based Interventions
    David P. Wacker, Wendy K. Berg, and Jay W. Harding

II: Conceptual and Assessment Issues

  1. Contribution of Establishing Operations to Antecedent Intervention: Clinical Implication of Motivating Events
    Patrick C. Friman and Renee O. Hawkins
  2. Assessment of Antecedent Influences on Challenging Behavior
    Lee Kern, Natalie G. Sokol, and Glen Dunlap
  3. Health Conditions in Antecedent Assessment & Intervention of Problem Behavior
    Craig H. Kennedy and Angela Becker

III: Intervention Formulation and Implementation: Methods, Challenging Behaviors, and Populations

  1. Antecedent Interventions for Challenging Behaviors Maintained by Escape from Instructional Activities
    Raymond G. Miltenberger
  2. Antecedent Assessment and Intervention for Stereotypy
    Dorothea C. Lerman and John T. Rapp
  3. Noncontingent Reinforcement as Antecedent Behavior Support
    James E. Carr and Linda A. LeBlanc
  4. Pediatric Feeding Disorders James K. Luiselli
  5. Communication and Social Skills Interventions
    Mark F. O'Reilly, Helen I. Cannella, Jeff Sigafoos, and Giulio Lancioni
  6. Antecedent Intervention in Brain Injury Rehabilitation Gary M. Pace, Robin S. Codding, and Jeffrey J. Skowron
  7. Combining Antecedent and Consequence Procedures in Multicomponent Behavior Support Plans: A Guide to Writing Plans with Functional Efficacy
    Joseph N. Ricciardi

IV: Lifestyle and Systems Application

  1. Life Enjoyment, Happiness, and Antecedent Behavior Support
    Dennis H. Reid and Carolyn W. Green
  2. Mindfulness-Based Caregiving and Support
    Nirbhay N. Singh, Alan S.W. Winton, Judy Singh, Kristen McAleavey, Robert G. Wahler, and Mohamed Sabaawi

V: Conclusions

  1. Summary and Future Directions
    James K. Luiselli

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By Koegel, Lynn Kern, Ph.D.

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