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ASQ:SE-2™ User's Guide

ASQ:SE-2™ User's Guide

Authors: Jane Squires Ph.D., Diane Bricker Ph.D., Elizabeth Twombly M.S.

ISBN: 978-1-59857-958-1
Pages: 320
Copyright: 2015
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The essential guide to the NEW edition of the trusted social-emotional screener, the updated ASQ:SE-2™ User's Guide gives your program all the information and guidance you need to use the screener accurately and effectively. You’ll get

  • thorough, step-by-step instructions on screening with ASQ:SE-2, including planning and managing your screening program, administering and scoring the questionnaires, and evaluating your program’s effectiveness
  • a complete technical report with psychometric data, including validity, sensitivity, and specificity
  • guidance on using ASQ:SE-2 in a wide variety of settings
  • sample letters and forms that increase family engagement, including a welcome letter, parent feedback survey, and parent conference sheet
  • handouts and activities families can use to help promote children’s social-emotional development between screenings, plus a list of resources to support professionals

With this clear, comprehensive guide, professionals will be sure they're making the most of this highly reliable, accurate, and parent-friendly screener—so they can catch social-emotional issues early and help improve child outcomes.

The ASQ:SE-2 User's Guide is part of the ASQ:SE-2 screening system. ASQ:SE-2 is the NEW edition of the bestselling screener trusted to pinpoint social-emotional issues as early as possible during the crucial first 6 years of life. The 9 age-appropriate ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires effectively screen 7 key developmental areas: self-regulation, compliance, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, social-communication, and interaction with people. The second edition of ASQ:SE-2 has been revised and updated with invaluable new features, including a NEW 2 month questionnaire, an expanded age range, updated cutoff scores, new behavior and communication items, and more updates to help you better support families and promote social-emotional development.

Learn more about ASQ:SE-2 and its companion developmental screener, ASQ-3™—the valid, reliable, and trusted tool for screening children during the crucial first 5½ years of life.
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Review by: Ruth Seedorf, Baby Bear Hugs

The user's guide is thorough … I appreciate the detail about the delivery of ASQ:SE-2 in various situations, and that it specifically addresses the use of ASQ:SE-2 with other languages. The Social Emotional Development Guides and Activities at the end will be very beneficial when talking to parents.

Review by: Martina Ebesugawa, Ed.D., Instructor, Child Development, Social Sciences and Humanities Division

The User's Guide allows the reader to understand that ASQ: SE-2 is not just a tool, but rather a tool that fits into a system and addresses a greater systemic need. It helps to empower county systems serving children at risk and with developmental and behavioral challenges [and provides] greater opportunity to identify the needs of these children, resulting in a stronger early intervention and early childhood education system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I      Overview of ASQ

1   Introduction to ASQ:SE-2

2   The Need for ASQ:SE-2

3   The ASQ:SE-2 System

II     Implementation of ASQ:SE-2

4   Phase I: Planning the Screening/Monitoring Program Using ASQ:SE-2

5   Phase II: Preparing, Organizing, and Managing the Screening Program

6   Phase III: Administering and Scoring ASQ:SE-2 and Following Up

7   Phase IV: Evaluating the Screening and Monitoring Program

III      ASQ:SE-2 in Practice

8   ASQ:SE-2 Completion Methods

9   ASQ:SE-2 Settings

10   ASQ:SE-2 Case Examples



A     Suggested Readings

B      Glossary

C     ASQ:SE-2 Technical Report

D     Letters and Forms

         Parent Letters/Forms (in English)

         Parent Letters/Forms (in Spanish)

         Physician/Professional Letters (in English)

        Screening/Monitoring Program Forms (in English)

E      Activities and Behavior List

F      Social-Emotional Resources

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